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Update on Army policy on TDRL placement

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The Army Physical Disability Agency has published a memorandum modifying the standard used in determining placement on the Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL). You can download the entire memo here: Medical Principles: Presumption of Soundness - Downloads - Physical Evaluation Board Forum . Though the memorandum clearly states that a member will be permanently retired unless it is shown by clear and convincing evidence that the members condition is likely to change over the next five years, I believe that there is a confusing and possibly erroneous explanation of this policy contained in the guidance.

The relevant portions are excerpted here:

"Part II: Placement on the TDRL
There are two types of PDES cases. The first type is the “legacy” case. In this type of case, the PEB assigns the disability rating. The second type of PDES cases is the “DES Pilot case” or other cases where the VA assigns the...

Ads on the site and support for the PEBFORUM

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Thanks as always for your participation and being part of this PEB FORUM community!

I have gone through a lot of work to update the site over the past few months. Let me explain a bit.

First, when I say "update," it truly is an update. The forum software is Xenforo. (A great software for forums!) The Xenforo platform is what have used for the past several years. It is, in my estimation, the best out there. That said, it has taken a long (or maybe more accurately, a Loooooooonggggggggg) time for me to and the various pieces (software platform, hosting, add-ons, etc., etc., and probably others) to get things working the way I hoped and expected. Along the way, I have had to spend a lot of money to not only maintain but to try to advance the site. To date, I am not really satisfied with the results over the last year or so....but, I am pleased with recent developments).

Additionally, I have changed hosting providers, have increased the site's...
Manu Ginobili (Give me some Grandpa Juice)
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Manu is killing it this year for the Spurs! At 40 years old, he is having a great year and is a contender for the All Star game.

New Article System...

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I have been able to finally implement the "new" (which, it is really just restoring the previous article system functionality, but, it is updated for the new version of the forum software).

This is a test. Hope this is a helpful feature!!
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