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    Need Help - CRSC Award Letter....

    Do you have any combat badges or documentation detailing the conflict in which the PTSD was initialed from. From my understanding, you will need to provide proof that you were actively engaged in combat or injured by an "instrument of war" not just in a combat environment.
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    I need some advice on my MEB case.

    Maxamize this website, you are in the VERY early phase of this. ensure you use a lawyer. I would also get my own copies of my medical records. Most Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) will put this on CD for you. You want to check the CD to make sure information is not missing. Once the PEBLO has...
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    New MEB Timeline

    Get your supporting documents in order. You will need them for many processes within the IDES process.
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    AGR Timelines

    I have more answers... Looks like after the ratings come back, the personnel action branch of HRC will notify you of information needed, and other procedures required to send you on your way. I have their number if anyone needs it.
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    Long time reader...first time poster :) AGR Reserve Process and my experiences

    New update.. . 20 Sep 2017: Notified of potential medical board 5 Nov2017: Notified of requirement for Medical Board 7 Nov 17: Met with PEBLO: A very Rushed experience, listen carefully and take notes. if possible, as for a copy of your medical record at this time. 8 Nov 17: Briefing from...
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    AGR Timelines

    Hello, Does anyone have any realistic timelines for AGR (Reserve) personnel? I'm mainly looking for a timeline after the ratings come back and you sign the acceptance. As AGRs we do not have the luxury of bases and base amenities. It is a lot more difficult for us to figure out dependent...
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    Long time reader...first time poster :) AGR Reserve Process and my experiences

    Hello all, I’ve been getting an abundance of useful information from this website so I feel obligated to report my progress, issues, and lessons learned as I navigate thru this process. I have 17.5 years active and 20 years total . I am an AGR reserve officer with time in both the Army(16yrs)...
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    Started IDES on 7-Nov-2017

    Started IDES on 7-Nov-2017
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