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    Code 37 - AirForce

    Go into your MyIMR, it would be on your 469 like mine is.
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    MEB- Multiple Sclerosis

    fish - I was diagnosed with MS in January. I am AF Res, flyer. My Flt Doc wrote a I-IRILO back in March and sent it up to HQ AFRC. Just today, 4 months later, I heard back from Med Grp that the decision came back and that I was found unfit for duty. So in my case, HQ had to determine Fit for...
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    WTH, Lady?!? C&P Fiasco!

    It is frustrating to hear about your C&P exams, and seemingly lack of recourse. My C&P exam was bad also, and I received ratings back already from VA. I am very blessed to have gotten 40% for two of my six claims (I'm not being greedy). I DO however have problem with getting no rating at all...
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    NARSUM Question

    So you are saying there are TWO different NARSUM that are written? I believe I am in the early stages of this process, but my concern is my Flight Doc wrote the I-RILO/NARSUM which was full of inaccuracies first thing, before any C&P exams, sent it up without me seeing it, I have not been...
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    Saw my NARSUM.... any advice?

    Everyone I work with is "on my side", but the CC and Shirt are TR's (Reservist part-timers), the DO is full time, but not really involved with my situation. It seems I should get the OAC involved, but have read bad things about their lack of attention to many?.....
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    Ebenefits questions

    I am curious. You say you signed your NARSUM last month. How did that happen that you signed it? Did the doctor write it and called you in to review it and sign it? So you actually saw your NARSUM before it was sent up? Did they do an I-RILO on you also, or just NARSUM? I am curious because I...
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    MEB Phase- What's happening?

    You have a MEB office? Is it at the MTF?
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    Saw my NARSUM.... any advice?

    I do not have a PEBLO. Have not been contacted by anyone at the Med Group at all? Which heightens my fear that this is all going wrong from the start!
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    NARSUM Question

    Was I supposed to get my NARSUM prior to it going up the chain? That never happened. I never heard or saw anything, so I asked the Flt Doc what was going on and it was at that point he told me that it (IRILO/NARSUM) had been sent up 51 days ago. (to where I don't know?) There are many...
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    Saw my NARSUM.... any advice?

    I saw flight doc today to discuss my situation and find out some info. In this talk, he stated the DAWG is who determines if an I-RILO need to be written, and since I have an I-RILO and it was sent off with my medical records 51 days ago, that would indicate my package is up the chain somewhere...
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    Saw my NARSUM.... any advice?

    No, my Commander has not written a CC letter yet, but we did discuss my desire to have letters from those who work with me on a daily basis, and see how I function, to try to describe that I am fully functional now. It is possible he was talking about the DAWG. I have a meeting with a flt doc...
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    Saw my NARSUM.... any advice?

    I recently asked my Medical folks if I could be kept advised of any information/email/documentation that leaves their office regarding my situation. I even asked if I could be included in any meetings they have to discuss my case? I had not heard a peep out of them prior to this..... Much to my...
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    Reserve Sanctuary with Medical Hold Orders

    gsfowler - Do you know the Air Force policy or have a link? I am AF Reservist currently in Sanctuary at +18 yrs AD points (390 points shy of 7300)+(29 TAFMS) and am facing probable MEB. Currently, I have to sign a Sanctuary Waiver letter signed by the Wing Commander waiving my rights to...
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    Why can't I receive AF and VA retirement if medically retired?

    It does not seem right, does it? I have 29 years in (10 AD/19AFRES) but only have 19 "good AD years" towards my 20. I'm facing possible Medical Separation vs Retirement. I'm trying like the dickens to get to my 20, but may fall short just barely. THAT WOULD SUCK.
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    100% VA and 100% military????

    Okay, Thanks for clarification as that's what I thought because you told me "just get your 20" in another thread :-)
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