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    Humira MED board Retirement ???

    I'll address the rumor part first. It is incorrect that anyone over 18 years is "safe". A MEB can cut a career short even after 19 years. It may be possible fo you to stretch out the MEB for 1.3 months to hit 20 years.
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    DoD 80%/VA 100% Permanent and Total, and yet TDRL

    You just wrote an absolute... There are no absolutes when it comes to the MEB. There are many circumstances in which TBI and PTSD ratings are PDRL. TDRL is for conditions that are not considered stable and may change for the better or worse in the future.
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    IU/TDIU Help

    That rating that has been shared with you during the IDES process is your "proposed rating". The VA will finalize the rating once you get off of active duty.
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    Referred to MEB due to PTSD from MST

    What you have been told is correct. For all NG/Reservist soldiers, you must have a LOD for a condition to be submitted to the MEB. It can be difficult to get a LOD from the State, as they must conduct an investigation to show that the condition did occur, or was aggravated while you were...
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    IU/TDIU Help

    Correct. You cannot apply for TDIU until you have a VA rating. You will not get a until VA rating until you are off of active duty. The book should help.
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    Referred to MEB due to PTSD from MST

    The MEB should consider all conditions in relation to fitness.
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    IU/TDIU Help

    Since you are in the IDES process, BDD is not the correct course of action. In your situation you should apply for TDIU immediately once you receive your DD-214. Most folks that apply for TDIU choose to get assistance from either a Veteran Service Organization or a Veterans Benefits...
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    Can only take 59 days of leave?

    Not likely you would even have been able to use more than 59 days to be honest. Once you accept your findings, you are placed on the TRANSPROC list and a 90 day countdown begins. Takes about 30-40 days to get orders after that, therefore you will not even have 59 days to take as terminal.
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    If you contract for the position state that you must be in dual status, then your contract will not be renewed if you are discharged from the Air Force.
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    Help needed! Am I confused?

    How had this condition prevented you from performing your duties? Have you been on a physical profile 3 for it greater than one year? How does the referral to a provider outside the MTF fit into the equation? Why do you think it is noteworthy?
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    How long for final ratings letter?

    That is completely normal. The first claim is you "proposed ratings" which you have received. The new claim is for the final ratings. It typically takes 1-2 months for the ratings to be finalized once you have your DD-214 and are completely off of active duty. For me, I was released from...
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    Surgery approved during IDES process, 199 signed. Potential otcomes?

    Typically surgery takes place to improve a condition. Since there is a potential improvement, it is likely that the rating in itself would improve too. This would make the condition to be considered unstable and the process will reboot. I think you may be to far into the MEB process to stop...
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    CRSC for drone operators???

    DoD is only going to rate you on the "referred" or also known as "unfitting" conditions. You can be rated 100% disabled by the DoD, however the maximum that is paid out though any retirement is 75%. The reason behind this is that 75% is the maximum retirement that you can receive if you...
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    Surgery approved during IDES process, 199 signed. Potential otcomes?

    Do you have a surgery date scheduled? If you have signed your 199, you should be on TRANSPROC and orders will be coming soon.
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    TRICARE eligibility

    The date that you are Part B eligible, Tricare will drop you from Tricare for Retirees and you will be responsible for any bills once you are dropped (you will probably not be notified). You will be placed on Tricare for Life on the first of the following month, therefore you can potentially...