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    Anyway to rejoin?

    There are specific policy and guidance directions for the recruitment and appointment of transgendered service members. Here is a fact sheet. One of the biggest hurdles I believe you are going...
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    Estimation of total percentages?

    Once you have the results from your C&P exams, we can help you with the ratings percentages.
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    I recommend that any who is non-regular retirement eligible with early age drop build their retirement packet right now, and store it in a place where it is easy to find one year before your year of eligibility. I've attached the guidance from when I build my packet. Clearly written on it is...
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    Retinitis Pigmentosa and the National Guard

    COPD/Asthma are easier to get service connected if you file with the burn pit registry. Retinitis Pigmentosa is going to be a little squishy to get service connected if you are reservist. Do you have LOD for the condition? You must also be on active duty for 30 days or greater at the time of...
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    GI Bill Education Benefits

    There are some exceptions to the 10 year rule.
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    Permanent profile expiration?

    Read Chapter 7-8 (page 79) and decide what applies to you.
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    JAG Lawyer vs Civilian Lawyer

    Chatting with a lawyer is a great idea. Jason Perry is great, albeit busy. Give him a call.
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    JAG Lawyer vs Civilian Lawyer

    VARR cannot be used to change a rating code.
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    Gov employee and disabled vet problem

    GS employees with disabilities (especially BH conditions) may have a difficult time during the transition period back to employment. This is so well known that wounded warriors get an additional 104 hours of sick/appointment leave during the first year they are employed. You were not hired...
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    Bilateral Both Left and Right Hips Replacement

    Link up with a VSO. Where are you currently living?
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    Paying back Tuition Assistance

    I cannot see where you would be categorized. TA recoupment applies to withdrawals from courses and or failing to make adequate grades.
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    Paying back Tuition Assistance AR 621-5 Chapter 5-13 found on Page 35
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    One time VA reconsideration request

    My VARR to exactly 30 days to come back from the VA to me via my PEBLO. Although I was not initially successful (because the VA erroneously did not service connect my unfitting condition) it was actually fixed once my ratings were finalized.
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    Medically Discharged May 9 but still no information in ebenefits

    The IDES claim has been closed, right now they are finalizing your ratings, that typically takes about 30 days.
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