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    MEB timeline

    Also got the "go see your PEBLO" answer. TSgt "someone". Not to helpful.
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    Just Notified MEB--UC

    Update AFPC said do not retain so looks like I’m retiring!!
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    MY Process and Ratings as of Today 5Sep17

    Congrats! Unfortunately I was just RTD here locally for UC. Bummer as I'm already at 20+ years..Crossing fingers AFPC says not fit.
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    Hickam Timeline

    Just went to pending decision approval but haven’t reviewed or signed anything. My last C&P exam was last week......hummm???
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    Just Notified MEB--UC

    My CC's letter unfortunately said he wanted to "retain" me after my UC/MEB. I've already done 20+ years and would prefer to focus on my health. So, now C&P exams are complete and waiting on NARSUM etc. Crossing fingers for unfit and 50% VA.
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    Hickam Timeline

    I'm at Hickam also my last C&P is the 20th with QTC. My PEBLO said 2 weeks.
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    Legacy versus IDES

    IDES you file for your VA benefits while in the military. You'll know your rating before separation. Legacy you file through the VA after your separation date. I think most people do the IDES so you get your disability and retirement pay as soon as you get out.
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    UC Rating

    Thank you. I was thinking 30% also. I'm hoping to be over 50% combined with everything else included. Lower back pain, Migraines, left shoulder, PTSD, tinnitus. C&Ps start next week.
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    UC Rating

    Following. As I am currently getting MEb'd for UC also. 20 year/USAF/E-7 on Remicade every 7 weeks.
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    Hawaii timeline

    I am stationed in Hawaii also. First C&P appointments next week.