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    assistance for C & P exams?

    What about just one crutch as opposed to two? IE for short distances I usually just have one for my bad side sciatica and weakness. For long distances or doing work I usually have both because of fatigue and pain. My bone breaks are spondylolysis, + listhesis, which doesn't go away, and isn't...
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    assistance for C & P exams?

    If you use assistance to ambulate, i.e. crutches, walker, cane, but not all the time (i.e. episodic or subjective disability in back and legs that varies from day to day) is it ideal to take your device(s) with you to your C & P exam? Still active duty here. Just wondering, I hate using...
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    pt test tomorrow

    What a joke, can't they just cut you a break man? I'm sorry to hear about this happening to you.
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    High Waddell Criteria score from referral doc, something to watch out for?

    I'm already going to see a second doctor, is there anything I should or should not repeat? Just what do you think? I saw an article here about the high waddell score interfering with the ratings from the VA and I'm worried about this. It's so like the military to just write off a complex injury...
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    High Waddell Criteria score from referral doc, something to watch out for?

    I'm seeing another orthopedic doctor for a second opinion on some spinal injuries, my first one refused to do surgery at the end of the conservative treatment run (about 7 months) and didn't say why. I had to go into my medical record to read the T-con where he spoke with one of my doctors at...
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    Damn man, that sucks. Well all that shit happened and you're still alive. So don't quit now. Honestly, I think the best thing for you is to get the hell out of the environment, so if your date of separation is closer, then just wait until then and leave. How much more do you have in? The VA will...
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    DDD and Radiculopathy MEB

    Jeez man, reading your initial post made me sigh with distress. I have some form of DDD not sure if mild or moderate, but definitely there. What's killing me now is the radiculopathy going up my spine and down my glutes and hips/ legs, this is from either a herniated disc at L4-L5 or my...
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    Help, may be facing possible "Existed Prior To Service" conditions baloney.

    Thank you for the honest reply. I may just do this.
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    Advice for initiating MEB, L5-S1 herniation

    Hi Fender, I'm going through similar issues with radiculopathy and disc herniation, among other back issues. I'm going to be MEB'd but am still in the treatment phase before they begin paperwork, the radiculopathy in particular is what would trigger it more so than a herniated disc, although...
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    Help, may be facing possible "Existed Prior To Service" conditions baloney.

    Air force here, I have several spinal injuries that to my knowledge, were incurred while on active duty. I have one from flight school back in late 2015 during a sudden high-G maneuver, and another from survival training in late 2016 from falling on my butt/tailbone. I'm getting close to my MEB...
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    Dorsalgia, does anyone else have this?

    I just saw this diagnosis on my physical therapist's record in my medical file, and I have several spinal injuries. I don't know how my MEB is going to go but I don't know if this an unfitting condition or not, and if it is, if it is even rated. Does anyone know anything about this?
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    Depression, PTSD, Sexual assault, Med Board, found unfit?

    So they found you fit for duty? How much time left do you have in your contract/enlistment? Speak to your commander about an administrative separation if you truly feel that continuing attempting your duties will impact your mental health negatively.
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    Any other officers here?

    Did you go straight to a PEB from limited duty? What kind of physical conditions do you have? We can PM if you don't want to publicly share
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    Can you still get VA benefits if you are administratively discharged?

    I'll get over the depression eventually, its like they expect you to be suicidal at some point but sorry sirs, that ain't happening. Can I request a different psyche or go back to off-base psyche who I can see on a regular basis of 3x a week or whatever it takes? I just don't get a right feeling...
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    Can you still get VA benefits if you are administratively discharged?

    USAF commissioned here, active duty, flyer on a med-hold, stateside. I have several back injuries incurred, witnessed, and documented on the job. Also have narcolepsy, confirmed diagnosed, very hard to control and my sleep/wake cycles are shit, even on the meds. I'm up for an MEB but having a...