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  • Mr. Perry,
    I too am looking to retain your services for my pending MEB/PEB. If you happen to be inundated with other cases, I could use a recommendation for another attorney that practices in this field. Thank you for creating this forum, as it has been invaluable and comforting for myself and so many traveling through what seem to be uncharted waters.
    Kind regards,
    Good afternoon Mr. Perry,

    I was advised to drop you a line to seek guidance on possibly retaining a civilian attorney to get my case back on track. I am absolutely at the end of my rope and I do not know what to do for the next part of my case, please any assistance you could provide would be very welcomed.

    Jason, I am new to this forum after just finding out that I am being sent to an MEB/PEB for PTSD I am in need of some help. Can you recommend an attorney in Idaho? I have 17 years of active duty Time and I don't want to risk loosing it all
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    There are only a handful of attornies nationwide who deal regularly with MEB/PEB cases. I would not limit your search to "local" counsel.
    I don't usually recommend folks as it is essentially helping my competitors, but, there is only one attorney other than myself who I know focuses only on MEB/PEB cases. If you would like more info, send me a private message.

    Im considering asking for IU during my PEB most likely through a VARR. I know you were collecting information on this process in the past, but I have not seen you post any info on it recently. Have there been more cases of this that you are aware of? What process should I use/follow to make this request successful?

    Thanks in advance!
    Jason... need some input. I'll give you the highlights:
    -17 year CWO (USMC)
    -BOI in Feb 2016 (General/Honorable)
    -MEB Oct 16
    -IFEB findings Feb 17 20 % DoD/100 %VA, w/ sever.
    Reading the DoDI has me concerned my time will be thrown away without severance... is there a Ad Hoc board at SecNav to pick admin vs medical? If so, wth do they consider?
    Abcmr filed; meb completed admin discharge serious offense. My question to you is does the military have legal responsibility to treat my mental disorder before kicking me out. If so is there a regulation on this?
    Hi members, does anyone have an example of an MEB, preferably for cardiac events and or sleep apnea? I was referred out to a civilian doctor for all of my procedures and the civilian doctor has agreed to write the NARSUM and give it to my active duty PCM.
    I was discharge under sleep apnea. Make sure if your sleep report is in your favor to get cpap machine before you get out of military and consistantly use you cpap machine they will monitor your usage by chip in machine.
    Need some advice... I'm currently in CBT through Navy BH for MDD and anxiety. I've done 8 sessions and I really don't like, trust or believe my phsycologist. I have known trust issues. Can I ask for a different therapist? Can I refuse to go? I am authorized tricare remote so could I use a civilian therapist for CBT? 17.5 years in the Navy she has suggested a MEB may be warranted.
    You can request a different therapist. I did it with no problems. It actually wasn't a big deal at all. Don't skip out on going to CBT appointments though, because it will be reflected in your medical records and the VA will see that and give you horrible ratings.
    I am in the Air National Guard and I have been on active duty orders for more than 30 consecutive days. By law is the military supposed to keep me on orders? I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and wanted to know what law it was that if you incur an injury or disease they are supposed to keep you on orders. Thanks.
    Question: if soldier dicharge in 2011 for DX. OF A.D. (EPTS BASELESS DESIG.) found S.C. by V.A. FOR DX. Of C.A.D. in feb/13 30%, AR change in apr/13 to include C.A.D. as unfittin, CAN SOLDIER APPLY TO ABCMR to change discharge to medical
    A P3 PULHES is reason for referral to a MEB BUT, T3 with box 5a and 5j marked, in the DA form 3349 with DX. Of adjustment disorder with anxiaety and depress mood?
    In item 5 of the DA FORM 3349 says that " a "3" will b referred to Meb.item 5 does NOT say that the profile MUST be permanent, for referral to the MEB, the AR, does Not say that a T3 profile will or WILL NOT be referred to a MEB??
    AR 40-501, 7–11. Preparation, approval, and disposition of DA Form 3349
    (3) The DA Form 3349 will be prepared as follows:
    (e) Item 5.
    If any answer is “No” then the appropriate profile serial will in most cases be at least a 3 and the Soldier will be referred to a MEB.
    Chances of approval with evidence i submitted to board. Evidence submitted 1 proof of pysch profile 2 meb was initiated and 3 sc in which board stated that all above was not in my records.
    Mr. Perry Application is Army did not fully treat or diagnose my depression with anxiety and insomnia. V.A. major depression. I received letter adivisory opinion no records in ahlta for meb in army nor VA SC. SC copies 70% and my army meb i mailed back to advisory board. Would like your opinion, upon initial abcmr application i (cc)senator. Im seeking medical retirement.
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    Not sure what you are asking here. What would you like my opinion about?
    hi ... started a forum similarly to yours but covers a braoder range of topics .. want to know if i can put a link to your board from mine ...dont want to reinvent something you already are going a great job at .. mike
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    Can you post a link to your forum so I can check it out?
    I recently separated from Active duty with severance pay and joined a reserve unit in Florida. The VA has rated me with 80% VA Disability, I wont receive any pay until NOV2019 when severance pay is recouped. I was approved for SSDI. I was denied VA IU. Currently in the reserves with 17 years of service. Please advise on how to apply for a Chapter 61 retirement from the reserves.
    I was separated form the guard in two days. My unit hasn't contacted me nor have I received a certified letter. I have an LOD pending at NGB supposedly . My Id card was confiscated on my way back from lunchon the 14 of NOV, and I still have to process supply for gear turn-in. Can some one enlighten me ? What can I do because this isn't right.
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    Don't have enough info about your case to offer much more than the obvious- fight and appeal! Suggest making a thread of your own and providing more details.
    I've been told your the guy that can help me with a situation regarding DFAS on behalf of my husband. How would I send you a private message? I'm new here
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