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    Just the Beginning

    Congratulations!! Best of luck to you with your well earned retirement!
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    BH MEB questions

    BDekes, Welcome to the PEBFORUM! I am sorry to hear of your troubles. While Chronic Adjustment Disorder (defined as condition persisting for 6 months or more) is compensable, you see in some cases an effort to say that (acute) Adjustment Disorder is not an actual disability, but a transient...
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    On my way to Formal PEB, need some advice please.

    That would be the way to address any ratings. If you get an additional condition found unfitting by the PEB, they would add in the current rating assigned for that condition. The VARR would be to address any increases in ratings that you are seeking for unfitting conditions. Best of luck!
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    Stress Fractures during Basic Training

    It is hard to say for sure without knowing more about her situation and the documents she was provided with and that she may have signed and agreed to. That said, it seems to me that there is a potential for her missing out on valuable benefits and compensation (both from the military and from...
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    Welcome to a new moderator- Keebs!!

    I think it's a glitch. Not sure if it was a saved post that was pulled from an early database or a draft that was saved by the editor.
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    Stress Fractures during Basic Training

    This is from Army Regulation 635-200: "5–17. Other designated physical or mental conditions a. Commanders specified in paragraph 1–19 may approve separation under this paragraph on the basis of other physical or mental conditions not amounting to disability (AR 635–40) and excluding conditions...
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    On this Veteran's Day, a few words of thanks! Thanks to all of my brothers and sisters that I had the privilege to serve with and to all those still serving. For those who have expressed their thanks to Veterans for our service, thanks for the gratitude and for honoring service. Finally...
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    Happy Marine Corps Birthday!

    To all those Marines out there, Happy Marine Corps Birthday! Enjoy the day and the celebration of your selfless service to our Nation. Here is a message from the Commandant: This is a great...
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    Stress Fractures during Basic Training

    There are two separate issues- her convalescent leave and the issue of where she is authorized to travel. She should check with her chain of command (and she might have to request travel outside of her local duty area in order to "come home.") Asking for permission would be the first step...
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    Further updates and some questions

    PEB FORUM folks, Just a further update. You might notice the "massive changes" to the site layout and format. This is a result of the updates that I have installed (with lots of help of many tech support and hosting folks, with some hiccups along the way). As far as the appearance of the...
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    Medical Retirement from National Guard

    Just sent you a private message.
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    Agree with unfit finding, disagree with how IPEB changed unfitting conditions.

    stractman, New or not, lurker or not, welcome! Hope you get some helpful info here and get your desired result! Glad to help where I can and I hope the forum is a good resource for you! Not unusual to not get a full or accurate exam from the VA. This, unfortunately, happens way too often. I...
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    AF Form 1185 Commander's Impact Statement for MEB 1.0

    The Air Force has recently moved to replace the "Commander's Letter," with the attached form. It is notable for several reasons. First, it offers a place for the Airman to sign and offer comments. This is likely to be a key issue in cases and may well have a substantial impact on the ability to...
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    Matt's Test

    Jason Perry submitted a new resource: Matt's Test - Testing Read more about this resource...
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    A test of video....MANU!!!