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    RavenFan1980, Welcome to the PEB Forum! This is good news as to your years of service because you will break 20 years and qualify for CRDP. Have you previously submitted a request for a length of service retirement, and if so, has the request been approved? This is important because of the...
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    Continuing in the same branch

    SoopurHero816, Welcome! I hope you find the PEB Forum helpful with your journey through the process. Here are my thoughts on what you posted: This is somewhat of a rare situation, so you likely won't see many folks here with relevant experiences. I am going to assume this is an accurate...
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    Claim with no documentation

    Can you tell us where you are in the process? Has your MEB been completed? Your PEB?
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    Re-post:Type I Diabetic, USNA, E-6,13yrs found UNFIT by IPEB. Plan to appeal and be found FIT by FPEB! Any experiences with FPEB lately?

    Are you a midshipman/ at the Naval Academy now? If so, I don't mean rain on your parade, but a fit finding is a stretch. You would have to buck the odds and even so, show near total control of your blood sugars/AIC, be a stellar performer, have total support to the highest levels (including...
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    TERA Vs. CH 61 *post-FPEB Implications

    I have not looked at the TERA regulations in a while, but, my recollection is that a predicate was not being undergoing processing for retirement/separation for any other reasons. To answer your question, no, you would not retain DoD disability retirement rating...your calculation would be...
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    Confused/overwhelmed...NARSUM rcvd...IMR Request?

    Narrative Summary. It is the document that the MEB produces covering the member's conditions, their impact on duty performance, prognosis, and any relevant administrative matters.
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    Denied SSDI because i'm on AD still.

    I always caution folks about using their own experiences and extrapolating from those experiences to what is the actual picture. (I am cautious about this on my part, too...I know that I tend to see the "bad cases" over the entirety of all cases, in every issue.) That said, for those cases I...
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    Navy PFA waiver, possible MEB?

    Yes, that is possible. Plus, seems a good plan to get to base clearing, OP screening, etc., done. Not saying this is always the "magic sauce," but, less work needs to be done, that often works for folks. If he has valid orders, is cleared to PCS, and is ready to go, who wants to bother with...
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    MEB and AR15

    Plus, in my view, it is a leadership failure to not take into account the issues. There is a difference between a shit bag who is just not showing up and someone who is having issues with performance based on their treatment for in the line of duty conditions. Good leaders know the difference...
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    Navy PFA waiver, possible MEB?

    Basically, you hit the issues. If the MTF does not initiate an MEB, then he is good to go. If they do, then not. If he can, would be great if he passed a full PFA (sooner rather than later). Even so, given that he has orders, it might be that the issue is "lost" in between his clearing base and...
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    MEB and AR15

    As far as the MEB referral and your duty problems based on your conditions/disabilities, patient advocate is the most likely avenue that makes sense to me. Until you are notified and read your Art.15, you likely won't be able to access military counsel, but, if you are going to use military...
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    Navy Formal Board Advice

    @kr1390, I am sorry to hear that you were assaulted, your poor experience(s) with getting resolution with your case, and the issues you have faced overall. Here are my thoughts: I understand not sharing everything or providing a lot of detail...that said, without full knowledge of your case...
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    USAF said "Adjustment Disorder," everyone else said "PTSD"

    I have no idea where you are getting the 2+ years from. Nothing you posted describes that. (Maybe something you received but did not post mentioned that? I don't know). In any event, from what you posted, the advisory opinion is recommending PDRL. That is what I am focused on and referencing...
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    USAF said "Adjustment Disorder," everyone else said "PTSD"

    Looks like an overall favorable advisory opinion. Where are you getting any reason to discuss TDRL and the years that would apply? The opinion recommended PDRL. I see no reference to TDRL or years that would apply to that issue. Don't know how to respond more to that issue that does not appear...
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