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    Appealing to SECAF Timeline

    I hear from OAC around 8-12 months. Mine is at 3 months and hasn't moved.
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    VARR Turnaround

    I've asked same question here but gotten no response. The OAC told me a couple months ago they were taking 3-6 weeks but another person on here got theirs back within 2 weeks...
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    Denied SSDI because i'm on AD still.

    Ditto...could you please send to me as well? Thank you!
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    AGR (Air National Guard) Retirement Orders

    Does anyone know who would cut medical retirement orders for Air National Guard AGRs, specifically Chapter 61? I'll have my 20 AGR but accepting Ch 61 due to the higher percentage. Not sure if AFPC, ARPC or my home unit. If AFPC or ARPC, anyone have the average turnaround time?
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    Formal Board Scheduling Time Frame

    Mine was right at 30 days as well.
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    Retirement Orders

    Are you AGR, Guard, or AD? Trying to find out who cuts AGR Chapter 61 medical retirement orders without much success. To answer your question it is my understanding you have the choice between the two but the default is what is most advantageous to the member. Just not sure at what stage you...
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    Received a Decision, now what? Still waiting for instructions.

    How are y'all getting a SBP briefing? I haven't had one yet and been through IDES...package at SAFPC.
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    FPEB Fail....VARR?

    wow, that was a very fast VARR decision! Congrats on the findings.
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    Need Help Calculating Retired Pay (CRDP) *Please

    RonG, Regarding the calculations above, I'm fighting to get >/=80% DOD. At that, it would equate to 75% of my high 3 pay. Doing the math, would you calculate 75%x4450? If so, would this mean I would receive $3375 DOD and $3660 VA (100% rating)? But since the VA is higher than my potential DOD...
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    FPEB Fail....VARR?

    I was told there shouldn't be any new C&P just because a VARR was requested. The DOD mirrors what the VA assigns to the "unfitting" conditions. For whatever reason, the VA lumped two of my conditions, resulting in a lower rating. Actually, I know why they did it because one of the C&P doc from...
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    FPEB Fail....VARR?

    I was told to expect 3-6 weeks for an answer. Mine is at SAFPC right now then off to the VARR...I have no idea on how long SAFPC is currently taking.
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    Need Help Calculating Retired Pay (CRDP) *Please

    Thank you, Ron, for your reply. Looking at above figures, what would be the benefit of taking Chapter 61 vs traditional 20 year retirement if I would still be getting my VA compensation and 50% of my AD retirement? What am I missing? Thanks!
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    Need Help Calculating Retired Pay (CRDP) *Please

    I've been trying to figure out my estimated retired pay and, after reading several posts here, I'm even more confused. Scenario: 20 years AD; 70% DoD and 100% VA (not P&T). No CRSC. Permanent Retired Disability List (PDRL) under Chapter 61, which I plan to accept. From my fuzzy math, am I...
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    SAFPC Timeline

    Just curious if anyone here recently had their package/decision back from SAFPC? What was your wait time? I'm starting to sweat because mine has been around 2 months and I need (must) make it to July to reach my 20 AD (I could begin leave/terminal in July to safely make it my 20 years). I read...
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    VA Request for Reconsideration -Effective date?

    bump...just wondering timelines for recent VARR decisions...
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    VA Request for Reconsideration -Effective date?

    How long did your VARR take from date of submission?
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    Pay Calculations past 20

    Following. I don't know the answer but those are good questions. I'm crossing over 20 but at (expected on appeal) 80% DoD. Would I draw my high 3 or 75% of my base pay? Like you, I can't seem to get a good answer. I would think since you passed your 20 you would get high 3 but with a medical...
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    Denied SSDI because i'm on AD still.

    Please send to me as well? I have been fighting with my local SSA office since last year over SSDI. I am still AD and denied the first time because I made too much. I appealed for reconsideration. I was denied that time because I was performing substantial gainful activity (I show up to work at...
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    denied being boarded for promotion during MEB

    Being a guard member myself, I can likely tell you this ain't going to happen. First, you may have been eligible for promotion but that'd didn't necessarily mean you were going to be promoted. As you've already pointed out, in the ANG, we have 'slots', or 'positions' on the UMD (beside the...
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