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    Moving up discharge date. USMC

    Call MMSR4. They are extra helpful. Don't listen to your chain of command unless you are with WWBn. I'm a GySgt and had to do a lot of digging and back dooring to get what I wanting (TERA/the EAS of my choosing). MMSR4 bases your eas off your terminal plus 20 days of transition time. They may be...
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    eBenefits Ratings on Disabilities Page

    Has anyone's proposed rating been different from their final disability rating?
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    22 Year Retirement vs MEB retirement

    I went through the same process. I went through the MEB/PEB process, was found unfit and submitted a waiver to the PEB and requested retirement. The positive is that my va claim is fast tracked bc it is part of the IDES process and I left with a traditional retirement on top of that.
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    IPEB / VA Results - Anxious

    This is my question. I'm a Marine and was given 20 dod, 100 va. I waived my PEB findings and submitted retirement. I'm now on terminal with a retirement date of the 30 June and the fact that the 100% rating had the word "proposed" on it has me a bit sketched.
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    Has anyone's proposed rating differed from their final rating?

    Has anyone's proposed rating differed from their final rating
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    3 weeks since findings no EAS still.

    Call the PEB find out if they sent it to MMSR4 yet. If they have, get the reference number. Call MMSR4. 703.784.7308/7309. They will tell you exactly what is going on.
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    3 weeks since findings no EAS still.

    For Marines our findings go back to the PEB, process then go to MMSR 4 who takes about 3 to four weeks to process. My PEBLO was of zero assistance so I called the PEB and MMSR4 direct. I'm accepting my findings tomorrow morning.
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    Math for Motivators

    Can someone help me figure out what to expect for severance and VA disability after the severance offset? I was found 20% DOD and 100% VA. I am a Gunnery Sergeant (E7) with 15 years. On the VA side I will be getting the K entitlement and have a spouse and four dependents.
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    VA Rating

    I called the PEB direct. You wont get anything official until your PEBLO forwards you the paper work to accept or appeal your findings.
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    VA Rating

    I gave all of them, and the PEB a call. They all said the same thing, that my PEBLO should take care of me. On a good note, I'm 20 days into the QA portion and the oldest case in the queue is at 28 days.
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    VA Rating

    He told me to talk to my "pueblo."
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    PEB findings wait time after VA

    I'm in the exact same boat. I'm a Marine but I have a Navy PEBLO at Great Lakes. I'm just a name on a board for her and she is definitely not proactive. Did anyone tell you your ratings? If they did how did you get them?
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    VA Rating

    The va has sent a rating to the PEB for consideration after a preliminary unfit finding. My PEBLO will not provide me with my proposed rating until the PEB releases it. The VA cannot release the letter to me, but said the PEBLO can see it and should release it to me because it's MY proposed...
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    PEB found me unfit, findings at va.. How long?

    The PEB found me unfit and sent the findings to the VA. How long does this stage usually take? As usual my peblo is very vague and broad with her answers.
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    USMC Timeline

    I'm on I&I duty. My case was referred to the PEB on 15 Dec for an ankle injury and herniated disc. What timeline am I looking at? I need an unfit finding before Aug so I can file for TERA.
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