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  1. 7869jake

    Denied SSDI because i'm on AD still.

    Glad to hear you fought through it! Congrats! I'd keep on them at least once a month until you're approved. It is very troubling to hear that the agent that handled your case was completely unaware of their own guidelines... shocking in fact. Especially so since a large percentage of SS...
  2. 7869jake

    Denied SSDI because i'm on AD still.

    You should not have had to appeal your case to get that form. It is a standard form that EVERY case uses if they indicate that they have worked (or are working) since they claim they became disabled. Very, very troubling that they didn't give this form to you on your initial application. This...
  3. 7869jake

    Ads on the site and support for the PEBFORUM

    Jason, I'd first like to say thank you for building and maintaining this site. I completely understand the need for ad revenue to keep the site going, but after the update yesterday, I now have 8 massive ads appearing inside of each person's post on the forum. Not 8 per page, 8 per users post...
  4. 7869jake

    I-RILO Timeline

    Quick update. Finally received I-RILO determination, but only after calling everyone that I could think of and asking what the heck is going on with my package. It took a lot of head rattling, and I'm pretty sure it would not have gone through if I didn't start making calls nonstop over the past...
  5. 7869jake

    Denied SSDI because i'm on AD still.

    Strength and Honor Brother!
  6. 7869jake

    Denied SSDI because i'm on AD still.

    Wow man I feel for you. Just when you're done with the runaround of the military admin side, you have to deal with the SSA runaround. Stick with it for sure though, and get what is owed to you. That said, do not file another claim. I don't know when you became disabled, or when you applied...
  7. 7869jake

    Denied SSDI because i'm on AD still.

    I'm not sure where you are getting this from, but please know that if you are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, your income and assets do not matter. At all. They will never look at nor consider either of these. They are only looking at your ABILITY TO PERFORM SGA. The key word...
  8. 7869jake

    Denied SSDI because i'm on AD still.

    I'm going to agree with bleacherspy on that part. SSDI is not determined at all by amount of income, only your ability to engage in substantial gainful activity (SGA) (this can carry a dollar limit in very specific situations I know, however for application purposes it doesn't matter). It seems...
  9. 7869jake

    Denied SSDI because i'm on AD still.

    Just adding in my 2 cents. You were not denied for "still being on Active Duty". You were denied because on the work report form your wording conveyed that you are physically and/or mentally able to continue your military service. VA and military disability have no bearing at all on SSDI. In...
  10. 7869jake

    I-RILO Timeline

    Hey folks, My I-RILO package was received and began review at AFPC in August, and now, nearly 5 months later, it is still there. Getting very little contact from my case mgmt. team. Anybody else waiting insanely long on their I-RILO right now? Is there a published timeline for the I-RILO...
  11. 7869jake

    Refuse back surgery MEB

    While I'm unaware of any document that specifically states the ramifications of refusing to follow a doctor's recommendations, I'd just like to throw out there that you are not alone in this journey. I'm dealing with a very similar issue, albeit slightly more intense (cauda equine syndrome). I'm...
  12. 7869jake

    AF Reservist on MEDCON and Telecommuting: Education Options

    Hey folks, Yes I'm in a unique situation. I'm an AF reservist and I'm on MEDCON orders for an ILOD injury that has ruined my life. While recovering and going through the MEB process, I have been remotely "stationed" at my home of record, and I am seeing civilian providers due to the rare...
  13. 7869jake

    Medication Side Effects

    Not sure where to post this, but it's a simple question. If we have to take a certain medication because of an ILOD injury, and that medication gives a serious side effect, can that side effect condition be ratable? What if the side effect persists even when the medication is no longer being...
  14. 7869jake

    FPEB w/DDD and Radiculopathy

    I'm about to get started with IDES and I'm assuming I'll be having the same issue. Following.
  15. 7869jake

    DDD and Moderately sever Lumbar sprain together?

    Back injuries are mostly rated off of ROM, with a few exceptions.
  16. 7869jake

    CRSC "hazardous duty" question

    Found this in AFI 36-3212: Combat-related Disabilities. The PEB will make a combat-related disability determination for: Armed Conflict. See paragraph 3.26 and Attachment 1. Extra Hazardous Service. An assignment to a military occupation entitling the...
  17. 7869jake

    Jason, Im considering asking for IU during my PEB most likely through a VARR. I know you were...

    Jason, Im considering asking for IU during my PEB most likely through a VARR. I know you were collecting information on this process in the past, but I have not seen you post any info on it recently. Have there been more cases of this that you are aware of? What process should I use/follow to...
  18. 7869jake

    MEB/PEB and IU

    Perfect, thanks!
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