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  1. oddpedestrian

    Second opinion?

    You have to be more specific on what is going on providing generalities does not help maybe the provider is correct in changing the diagnosis we do not know because you have withheld that information. One thing I did was convince patient advocate to let me see a different provider it was very...
  2. oddpedestrian

    Claims after Service. Non-Combat PTSD

    hmm, you said you had a C&P for BH are you currently service connected for an MH disorder? If so the ratings are the same additional MH diagnosis will not change that this is called "pyramiding" and as Warrior said they will just go off 38 CFR VASRD §4.130 for all MH rating percentages. Make...
  3. oddpedestrian

    VA returned case for "Physician's Opinion"

    Yes sometimes the VA asks for a medical opinion with the exam but if the examiner leaves it blank the VA sends it back for corrections or will require a new exam if they fail to correct it in a timely fashion.
  4. oddpedestrian

    PEB said I was fit 10+ years ago - need help on whether I have options or not

    I believe your denial will focus just on the ankles and none of the other disabilities if that's the case you will probably be looking at a 0-20% rating which will include severance pay that will be recouped from your VA disability. I just read over 200 BCMR decisions last week and was somewhat...
  5. oddpedestrian

    Post PEB Upgrades

    The Army rates you at time of discharge, unlike the VA they do not change ratings unless the original rating was inaccurate or evidence was missing. Are you maxed out for your back on the VA side? I would request an increase there first you should have an answer in 90 days.
  6. oddpedestrian


    If a Meb board is inevitable start claiming EVERYTHING that has happened to you over the last 14 years AND three deployments, sometimes we all have to accept an uncertain fate in life that we did not want but you have a lot on the line and you have given a lot for your country ensure you get...
  7. oddpedestrian

    PTSD Rating Revised

    I'm not sure how they would treat this most board upgrades are from medical separation to medical retirement not sure how they would handle a case from percentage numbers above 30% already but its definitely within their power to do. I go at it with a pro bono attorney at least.
  8. oddpedestrian

    PTSD Rating Revised

    Were you placed on TDRL and then later switched to PDRL?
  9. oddpedestrian


    I understand your frustration people just go to behavioral health and break down crying next thing you know they are getting permanently retired with three years in or less, but I guess the service cant call them bluff because of the high rate of suicides and therapist/doctor don't want one...
  10. oddpedestrian

    MedBoard Questions / Help (Air Force) (Possibly Rheumatological)

    You are on a tight deadline this program seems like the best option start getting treatment for everything you think you have a claim for over all these years. Even with a med board, they could return a fit finding which is a real possibility since all...
  11. oddpedestrian

    Medically retired, Tricare Prime locked in job healthcare insurance

    Usually, there is an exception for medical retirees they did that when out of pocket prescriptions went up but then I found out later they exempted medical retirees not sure if similar language is in this bill otherwise this is a huge blow financially on us.
  12. oddpedestrian

    Medically retired, Tricare Prime locked in job healthcare insurance

    No concern other than costs most of those plans have a Tricare supplemental option that covers your out of pocket expenses from Tricare, if not I'm not sure why you would select one from your employer? You have no reason to be concerned these people cannot access your medical records without...
  13. oddpedestrian

    UCMJ Retiree status

    First, make no official statements I would end all communication's with her and let her know you have an attorney and she must go through him now. I doubt she will go to JAG as she will be the first to go down for adultery and fraternization the burden will on her to prove you knew she was...
  14. oddpedestrian

    C&P Exam

    Tough, you cannot tell these examiners what you are willing to do not do. You should have raised your arm until it hurt and stopped if that ROM is only parallel to your shoulders or lower oh well that's as far as you can go. Most of your ratings for these exams are ROM only so just do what you...
  15. oddpedestrian

    Help w/ PTSD claim. C&P exam included!

    I can almost say with certainty they will probably either ask for a new exam or ask the rater to fill in that block, another way they can rate is based on the last page where the examiner checks off a list of symptoms i.e anxiety, OCD, suicidal ideation etc.
  16. oddpedestrian

    PDRL eval

    Nope, Enjoy your retirement!!
  17. oddpedestrian

    Just joined the Army and I have ulcerative colitis and it's pretty bad. What's going to happen?

    I'm surprised we are entertaining this question you withheld an unfitting condition from the service and now are fishing for a MEB?
  18. oddpedestrian

    Denied PTSD MEB; please help

    Combat PTSD? Which service?
  19. oddpedestrian

    So 2nd time around

    How is your performance records? evals? relationship with COC? With the Navy, I see lots of cases where they just state you have been dealing with these problems for so long with little evidence that it affects your performance and adjudicate you fit for duty.
  20. oddpedestrian

    Warrior644's DoD IDES MEB/PEB Timeline...

    Wow bro this was BRUTAL! Most people just didn't have the energy to fight this long I'm so happy you finally got that 100% DOD PDRL and your retirement certificate!!!
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