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  1. AaronJM1984

    Re-Eval Question

    I’m a bit confused here...I was medically retired from the Marine Corps and placed on TDRL on November 29th of 2017, so roughly 7-8 months ago. The VA rated me at 100% P&T. PTSD is what I was medboarded for. For PTSD, the VA rated me 100%, however I also would have reached 100% with my other...
  2. AaronJM1984

    Does TDRL re-evaluation downgraded rating affect VA 100 % rating?

    The VA assigned the rating for the DoD in the first place so I don’t see it being affected it DoD wants to lower you.
  3. AaronJM1984

    Ideas on CRSC qualification

    I think people are going to need a bit more detail. Based off of what you’ve said, no.
  4. AaronJM1984

    SSDI Questions

    Do you have a “my social security” account? If not, you should sign up. It has startups updates.
  5. AaronJM1984

    CRSC at ten months processing time Army

    If you’re receiving VA and retirement pay then you cannot hey CRSC as well. Maybe I misunderstood your comment.
  6. AaronJM1984

    Hearing postponed or cancelled.

    Spoke with my lawyer just now. My ALJ canceled my hearing and awarded me an OTR decision. I can’t even believe it!
  7. AaronJM1984

    Hearing postponed or cancelled.

    I had my last meeting with my attorney on the 5th. As of the 8th, SSA has postponed or cancelled my hearing (was scheduled for the 14th). I haven’t received any mail yet. I am hoping this means the judge has made an OTR but who knows. Maybe he is just sick? Anyone else experience this? The...
  8. AaronJM1984

    Taxes on Social Security Disability and VA?

    If you have children that are receiving funds as well, their portion is not taxed. At least this is what my lawyer has informed me.
  9. AaronJM1984

    Pay Question

    I was hoping this is the situation. I was expecting to go a whole month without money
  10. AaronJM1984

    Pay Question

    I’ve been medically retired. My last day of active duty is today (Nov 29th), however I am pending one last paycheck (for Dec 1). I’m confused here, I wasn’t expecting one more check since I am retired. Since Nov 29th is my EAS date, should I still expect to receive my first VA disability payment...
  11. AaronJM1984

    IDES Timeline

    1-2 months once you get your Proposed Rating.
  12. AaronJM1984

    Question on timeline / claim decision is ready

    My PEBLO called me about 3 weeks after VA finished with it. The PEBLO waited until the entire package was complete to have me come in. I did however call the VA and asked them to fax me my proposed ratings. Just don't tell your PEBLO if you do this since it's basically back dooring them.
  13. AaronJM1984

    Do I get to choice which pay I want?

    I am. Here's the thing, the va rates all conditions which I'm sure you already know. Then they assign a % to all of them. Then the PEB uses whatever % was rated for the unfitting condition. It's completely understandable for the VA to be higher but not the DoD. Maybe I'm wrong but I cannot think...
  14. AaronJM1984

    Where am i in the process??

    Congrats, I started terminal today.
  15. AaronJM1984

    GAD, PD, MDD--all rated as one?

    Diagnosis doesn't mean much. Check out the symptoms of each Rating and estimate where you fit.
  16. AaronJM1984

    Do I get to choice which pay I want?

    Post your paperwork please. There isn't a way you can be higher on DoD side. The DoD uses the VAs rating percentage. The DoD does not rate anything itself. What is your unfitting condition? Also, what did conditions did the VA rate, and what percentages?
  17. AaronJM1984

    Do I get to choice which pay I want?

    This guys situation is very confusing to me. There is either some details that are being left out or inaccurate information. Hopefully he can clarify a bit so the members here can steer him in the correct direction. I'm sure the members here have seen pretty much everything.
  18. AaronJM1984

    Do I get to choice which pay I want?

    You did not provide very much information. Are you on the TDRL? If so, have you been reevaluated by DoD?
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