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  1. marioa

    My Story

    DFAS says that my claim was submitted to review on the 15th which is cool because that means that the actions that the CSR took worked and the process continues. The review is the final approval needed to pay the account. I was told that the review can take up to 30 days. So maybe before...
  2. marioa

    Severance pay from TDRL timeline and tax question

    Gesus. I was discharged off of TDRL on September 30th of this year and I'm still waiting for my severance pay. I hope you got the answer to your question!
  3. marioa

    My long timeline

    Just found out yesterday that my severance pay was in audit for the past 45 days because after a debt was resolved, no one picked it back up to work on it. We have to stay on top of our paperwork. I'm glad to hear that you will be getting the CRSC. That will kick in the month after you get out.
  4. marioa

    My Story

    I called DFAS today on a whim. Turns out that I owed money on my SBP and that seemed to have stalled the progress of my payment being processed. The rep I talked to told me that she was going to put a tele-log entry into the system in the hopes that that would get my payment processed after it...
  5. marioa

    My Story

    Still waiting...
  6. marioa

    My long timeline

    Damn. Would have been nice to have something like this when I was going through my MEB. I hope things speed up for you.
  7. marioa

    My long timeline

    Did you make this or did you pull this from somewhere? Wow!
  8. marioa
  9. marioa

    Still waiting.

    Still waiting.
  10. marioa

    This MEB has ruined my life/career

    I'm sorry man. I hope something good happens for ya soon.
  11. marioa

    My Story

    Called DFAS Cleveland this morning as I haven't heard back from the Lawyer because I would assume he hasn't heard back from DFAS. Got some confirmation about the amount I can expect to receive. $65,940. So that means I'm getting paid as an E4 from 2015 base pay for 13ish + years of service...
  12. marioa

    I need help ASAP

    Request a med board from your psychologist or PCP. You can request a med board, you don't have to wait for someone to write you up for one.
  13. marioa

    My Story

    I just got a phone call from a military lawyer who handles the Formal PEB hearing cases, he told me that Disability Severance Pay is calculated via high-3. He said that he's going to contact his friend at DFAS Cleveland and get back to me about it in a couple of days. Wow. Wouldn't that be nice!
  14. marioa

    New MARADMIN and Approaching EAS

    That's okay man. They can't legally discharge you without the normal steps. Stuff like TAMPS/TAPS, closing out your STAR Card accounts, you know, normal check out stuff. If you have to do an extension, they'll make it happen and it will be top priority. You can probably get a hold of your...
  15. marioa

    New MARADMIN and Approaching EAS

    All I can say is that my med board package was submitted like, 2 days before my EAS and so I was automatically extended. My pay was delayed I think it was about 2 weeks, (this was back in 2015). You'll probably see on MOL that your EAS is 99999999. That means you've got an to be determined...
  16. marioa

    New and need some advice

    Attilathescott, are you a Marine or Sailor and in the PEB process? If so, your PEBLO is located at the Pearl Harbor Makalapa Naval Health Clinic, if you're a Marine, your PEB lawyer is Mr. Mielke who is a retired Marine JAG Lawyer and his office is located in Washington State, he is a...
  17. marioa

    EAS being 99999....and extension

    Yeah man, you gotta extend or at least acknowledge your extension. That will change as soon as your meb results come back.
  18. marioa

    How did it end for you?

    Hey man. Have you talked to your S1 by any chance? If you have questions about VOC rehab, I'm using it right now. I do know that retirement is retirement and that you can be moved anywhere you want to go. But your other questions, hit up the S1.
  19. marioa

    New and need some advice

    Hey man, I was a marine for a long time. Can I recommend that you talk to your PEBLO and get the number of the lawyer who represents you? They might have the most legit answer. If you're on Oahu, let me know and I can get you the info you need for the lawyer here.
  20. marioa

    Need Help Please: upcoming MEB but I just want to separate and leave.

    All I can say is that man, when I've been morbidly depressed, I had a hard time seeing too far into the future, and it was hard for me to really weigh the significance of my actions. I think that perhaps going with the meb and allowing this process to go through might in the long run, years...