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  1. Jason Perry

    Military is recommending a TDRL, Office of Airman's Council recommends I appeal it to change it to Permanent Retirement

    No, your VA rating, while evidence that the Social Security Administration should consider, is not dispositive for a Social Security disability award. If you are unable to engage in a substantial gainful activity (which is the SSA standard), then you can get Social Security compensation. See...
  2. Jason Perry

    Age 60 medical extension waiver

    Disability processing takes precedence over all non-misconduct administrative separations. If you are already in the IDES/LDES process, there is no waiver needed. Are you being told that you are being separated on the basis of age? Are you already referred to and being processed for a MEB?
  3. Jason Perry

    Starting MEB with Ulcerative Colitis- Need advice

    TNguy, Welcome to the PEBFORUM! I can only offer my input based on what you have written. I am not sure I have all of the necessary information to provide a full answer. Are these medical encounters well documented in your records? Do you have copies of the prescriptions for the medications...
  4. Jason Perry

    Army Reserve, what are my entitlements?

    You should have been retained on orders. Apply for INCAP pay. You should at least get that.
  5. Jason Perry

    2018 NDAA Section 1062

    :) And also discussed here: and found here:
  6. Jason Perry

    Incapacitated child

    Not enough information to answer. Under what benefit? DoD, VA? On what basis are you thinking there might be benefits and what benefits are you seeking? The question and topic is too broad to be of much help in attempting to answer the question.
  7. Jason Perry

    Military is recommending a TDRL, Office of Airman's Council recommends I appeal it to change it to Permanent Retirement

    @OmeletCookingChamp, Welcome to the PEBFORUM. I hope the information provided helps you. Understand, the information provided is only based on the what you have provided in way of explanation and it would take knowing a lot more about your case and situation to provide truly meaningful...
  8. Jason Perry

    SAF-MR Email working or not?

    @josephk, Welcome to the PEBFORUM! I don't know that I have much helpful information for you, but, I will comment on your posts. I hope all goes well for you and you get a good result from your appeal efforts. Not sure what your entire case file and documents support about your proper...
  9. Jason Perry

    Update on Army policy on TDRL placement

    Sformo, Not sure what you are looking for in the way of a "review." If you want, we can take this offline or discuss via email. My quick look at your site left me wondering what the site is about and what "services" or goal your site or organization provides. Seems that the gist is helping...
  10. Jason Perry


    Bryan Menefee, I will try to answer your questions based on the information you provided. However, please understand that I am only sharing my thoughts based on the information you provided. There may be other issues or facts that you have not shared that could change my opinion. I also have...
  11. Jason Perry

    Anyone done the Legacy DES process?

    Every case and situation is different. However, my general view is that absent really compelling circumstances, it is almost always better to go through IDES vice Legacy process.
  12. Jason Perry

    Air Force Reserve 16 good years so far

    Avatar, A lot to "unpack" here. I will try to give my thoughts based on what you wrote. Don't take any of this as gospel....there are a lot of issues with your case and there may be issues that I am not aware of. Still, I think I have some thoughts and input that may help you consider your...
  13. Jason Perry

    21 Good Years and NO RETIREMENT

    madbomber32, I will try to answer your questions. To help me in understanding your situation, when were you placed on the TDRL and when were you separated? Do you or did you have VA findings showing a higher degree of disability for your unfitting condition(s)? If so, with what effective dates...
  14. Jason Perry

    PDRL on Appeal question

    Based on the information provided, yes, you will. (Please note that it is not uncommon for the VA to state they will conduct a reevaluation in the future and then to not do so....also, be aware that the longer you have a rating that is not reduced or reviewed, you may fall into "heightened"...
  15. Jason Perry

    Oconus treatment Japan

    @USNAS , Sorry to hear of your problems. Here are my thoughts: Normally, sure, you can refuse treatment. However, this may well come back to "bite you," and having that notation in your records is probably not a good thing. You can request anything, but, no reason to think you have anything...
  16. Jason Perry

    My Timeline

    The language and finding would be in the VA decision letter or notification of benefits. If it states that you have Chapter 35 benefits, then you are P&T. If it states something like, "...the VA will conduct a re-evaluation in the future," then you are not P&T.
  17. Jason Perry

    Disability severance pay

    It shouldn't be. Here is a link: Also, read this article:
  18. Jason Perry

    VA Ratings

    In most cases, getting the ID card should be at the same time you are enrolled in DEERS for the health insurance options. It is not automatic, but, normally, all of the issues and enrollment options should be accomplished. Retirement services would normally be part of the outprocessing process...
  19. Jason Perry

    THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!! DoD Retention Policy for Non-Deployable Service Members

    This is the link to the DoD policy and PEB FORUM resource for the DOD Retention Policy for Non-Deployable Service Members . Let's discuss the most important parts of the policy memorandum. "The Deputy Secretary of Defense directed the following interim policy guidance, which will remain in...
  20. Jason Perry

    DOD Retention Policy for Non-Deployable Service Members 2018-02-21

    This is the guidance from the DoD on Retainability of Non-Deployable Service Members. While this is interim guidance, it potentially impacts all members with disabilities that prevent deployment. (Note that many profiles or referral to the IDES/PEB include a limitation on deployment). This...
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