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The Army, in the past few years, have "pre-printed" a number of statements in Block 30 of the DA Form 3947 (which is stated as a "continuation of block #24, which states: 24. I have been informed of the approved findings and recommendation of the board. I agree with the board's findings and recommendation. [OR] I do not agree with the board's findings and recommendation. My appeal is attached as inclosure." Not to be unclear or to be overly polite- this is complete BS. This is what Block 30 states: “Continuation of Block #24: I have reviewed the contents of the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) packet and read the attached (Medical Board Proceedings), Narrative Summary (NARSUM), and the Physical Profile (DA Form 3349). a. ln regard to issues relating to fitness for duty and disability compensation, I understand that the PEB will consider and review only those conditions listed on the DA Form 3947. b. The DA Form 3947 includes all my current medical conditions and whether or not they meet medical retention standards. c. The conditions which do not meet medical retention standards are properly listed on the following three documents: DA Form 3947; the Narrative Summary; and the Physical Profile (DA Form 3349). d. All documentation of military medical care in my possession has been provided to the Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer for inclusion in this MEB. e. I agree that this MEB accurately covers all my current medical conditions. f. lf I do not agree with any of these statements and/or I do not agree with the contents of the MEB as reflected in my election at item 24, above, I am aware of my right to an independent Medical Review and my right to appeal. If I do not concur, I have provided all my disagreements and concerns in the attached appeal.” I vociferously object to this language being inserted into the DA Form 3947 in...