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  1. reidk4
    Needing advice on filing for disability for DVT and PE
  2. ranger300
    I am wondering how many people actually are working with the MEB/PEB. My process goes as follows
    1. ranger300
      27 SEPT Start
      5 DEC signed narsum
      14 FEB sent to PEB
      Present CRICKETS
      Apr 24, 2017 at 3:21 PM
  3. dgodbout
    dgodbout Lyria
  4. HermesTrismegistus
  5. Pyro
    Well I opted for IDES, but the cluster of a system it is, it looks more like LDES in the end.
  6. matt571
    Just saw the podiatrist and my foot is still broken very frustrating, I really enjoyed running. Saw legal and they said estimate 40/80
  7. Spiderman
    Spiderman Jason Perry
    Hello Mr. Perry,

    Do you happen to know if eczema is an automatic disqualification for commission into the USPHS? I cannot find their medical accession standards anywhere online.
  8. liebmanlt
    liebmanlt Keebs
    Hello.....I received my notice of 30% medically retired Army. Here in is my problem. claim filed in 2013 with an old address and DAV contact. I need to change my address to receive my retirement orders as I have not lived at that address since Nov 2014. Would you be able to point me in the correct direction.
    1. Keebs
      You'll need to contact Army HRC or Al at ARBA to update your address
      Apr 20, 2017 at 1:37 PM
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  9. mommasnow
    mommasnow maparker
    Our son is at his MOS in CO, he had surgery in early Feb. for his right wrist, the army hasn't given him any time to heal and are talking about chapter 5-17 for him, he has been on profile for 5-6 months now. In the meantime, his weight has skyrocketed and he could get kicked out for his weight and not even his medical condition.
  10. gdwag
    Comp & Pen
  11. mrsentinel
  12. weeblewobble
    Updated timeline in signature block.
  13. uwishuwasg
    uwishuwasg Jason Perry
    Hi Jason do you know anyone besides my Peblo who can check the status of my peb findings? Located in the Northeast. Med board through west point. Pm please if there is please. Going on 4-5 weeks in Peb findings stage.
  14. Hard Times
    Hard Times
    If processing thru the MEB/PEB and have a back stimulator installed in body, what are the consequences for Medical Retirement.
  15. RunWalkRun
    RunWalkRun Jason Perry
    Mr. Perry,
    I too am looking to retain your services for my pending MEB/PEB. If you happen to be inundated with other cases, I could use a recommendation for another attorney that practices in this field. Thank you for creating this forum, as it has been invaluable and comforting for myself and so many traveling through what seem to be uncharted waters.
    Kind regards,
    1. Jason Perry
      Jason Perry
      Please feel free to contact me at .
      Apr 3, 2017
  16. Ronnie1966
    PDRL as of 28 March 2017 30% DoD and 60% VA.
  17. Ronnie1966
    PDRL as of 28 March 2017 30% DoD and 60% VA.
  18. GreenEyedMarine
    GreenEyedMarine Sheldontl
    3. contact US Senator:
    Take all paperwork and go to the first one you feel comfortable with. Tell them it's a veteran issue for IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE.
    Look, I know how the Corps works. Most Marines are good people; the leadership however...well two things float to the top: cream & shit..
    Looks like we have shit right now…Fight like all hell, Marine.
  19. GreenEyedMarine
    GreenEyedMarine Sheldontl
  20. ozziebargains
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