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  1. Pamoaner
  2. kjohnson080479
    kjohnson080479 Jason Perry
    My active duty records were lost by New Mexico when i transferred to TX. Help?
  3. kjohnson080479
    kjohnson080479 Jason Perry
    I received a permanent profile (P2) for sinusitis and awaiting one for my back (involved in a vehicle accident in basic training and 1 in Afghanistan, went to TMC but did not get LOD). My BN Medical Readiness NCO states she will send up paperwork to a PA for P3. I am being told without a LOD for any of my conditions this will turn into a PEB and I will be medically discharged.
  4. kjohnson080479
    kjohnson080479 Jason Perry
    Submitted VA claim for Chronic Sinusitis with rhinitis, migraine headaches, sleep apnea rotoscolios. I was approved for service-connected disability for Chronic Sinusitis 30%, migraines 30% and Sleep Apnea 50%. I am currently 80% through VA and pending appeal on my Back. I have two years until I hit my 20 years (had a few bad years).
  5. kjohnson080479
    kjohnson080479 Jason Perry
    I was active duty 98-02. In 02 I left active duty for New Mexico National Guard. I joined the Army Reserves from 03-06. I deployed to Afghanistan 05-06. I returned home Joined the NC National Guard 06-08. I deployed a second time with Illinois National Guard. Returned home to New Mexico National Guard and transferred to Texas in 2011.
  6. specmec
    specmec gduplantier
    What percent are you currently at? Make sure you have a record of times you are sent home/incapacitating events. What medications you have taken and letters from specialists/yourself/co-workers stating the impact it is having on your ability to function. I'm fighting to get migraines added after separating.
  7. Smiley_muldrow
    Smiley_muldrow gduplantier
    Hey i can help you get max for your migraines
  8. Bigsink
    So close......but yet, so far!
  9. gduplantier
    gduplantier tog
    Need help with getting the max for my Migraines. I get them 2-3 times a week but I'm a nurse at my hospital and they just send me homes for the day. Are there any letters I can have someone write to support my claims
  10. gduplantier
    gduplantier sfxer02
    Im new to the site and going through an MEB. My VA exam was crap and I'm going throughout an appeal. Do you have examples of letters from supervisors, providers or family members to help support my claim? I just started a migraine log over the last two months. I really need help fast
  11. mani11123Kcdecdj1123
    Starting MED for the 2nd time .
  12. Catfish
    "Sorry, I overslept."
  13. rayd34@TiredAF
    Advice please! MEB For Sleep Apnea. Also, This past year I was diagnosed with depression, & ADHD. Will my M.H issues be taken into account?
  14. Mike123
    Scared of life
  15. Sbliss79
    Sbliss79 Jason Perry
    Hi Jason. I am lost confused and concerned that my case was not accurately reviewed. I was separated with 4 service connected alimentary and one of them being 30% PTSD and when I received my denial from the PDBR there was no mention of 30% PTSD. Also I am currently 100% permanent and total with PTSD. I have so many questions and I am so concerned with my situation
  16. mjmgamcj
    Hello everybody thank you for having me.
  17. danihaha
    How long until final ratings after separation (meb) ??
  18. Furbytime58
    Gone Fishin
  19. Franko
    Franko maparker
    I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your being here. Your posts are well written, concise and to the point. Thank you very much for your assistance and I pray that you can continue!
  20. Sapper91
    Going thru Separation Assessment exam thru VA for Meb Process on June 8, 2017