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    1. digital_pimp
      Can I ask you about MEB? I am a little concern as I am just starting my MEB process.
    2. Tanko
      A P3 PULHES is reason for referral to a MEB BUT, T3 with box 5a and 5j marked, in the DA form 3349 with DX. Of adjustment disorder with anxiaety and depress mood?
      In item 5 of the DA FORM 3349 says that " a "3" will b referred to Meb.item 5 does NOT say that the profile MUST be permanent, for referral to the MEB, the AR, does Not say that a T3 profile will or WILL NOT be referred to a MEB??
    3. Keebs
      I wanted to inquire about becoming a moderator. I am very active on the boards and would like to help more.
    4. AttitudeEra
      I looked at USC's transfer student webpage and talked to an admissions counselor there and I'm still confused about some of the information I saw on there. What route did you take to transfer there (credit wise)? I plan on going to community college first to accumulate the right amount of credits before I apply to USC. I'm confused about which credits will be accepted if I transfer from a Texas community college.
      1. gsfowler
        I had a BS in Information Technology. I enrolled in a Master's Program. USC does have online programs too.
        Jun 21, 2016
    5. TeeWrecks
      Can I delete my profile?
    6. Warrior644
      Congratulations on your selection as a Super Moderator! To that extent, it's well-earned and well-deserved! Take care!
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