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    1. morey25
      Sir, I am active duty E7 AF, 22.5 years, being medboarded for a non-cancerous brain tumor. I have tried to research but can't find the answer. Which would be better, regular retirement with VA disability or medical retirement with VA disability? Is there a difference between the two? Thank you.
    2. rj8617
      Retired chapter 61 in 1995 at 50%. gross military pay is $952 (high 3 $1904?). Med retired at 8 yrs of service for PTSD. Rated by the VA at 30% (combat related) + 10% + 10% (not combat related) total VA rating=40%. VA waiver is $654.12(self/spouse). I believe my CRSC rating to be 30% ($456.97) and my retirement based on LOS to be $380.80 Do I qualify for any CRSC pay or will it still be at zero? Thank you
    3. Franko
      I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your being here. Your posts are well written, concise and to the point. Thank you very much for your assistance and I pray that you can continue!
    4. mommasnow
      Our son is at his MOS in CO, he had surgery in early Feb. for his right wrist, the army hasn't given him any time to heal and are talking about chapter 5-17 for him, he has been on profile for 5-6 months now. In the meantime, his weight has skyrocketed and he could get kicked out for his weight and not even his medical condition.
    5. Bnotworried
      I retired 2 years ago and was receiving retirement pay and va until July 2016. To no fault of mine. It created a 32000 dollar debt. I get it. My questions are as follows.

      1.I am 100%va/50% dod/32yrs regular and reserve time=10years 5months.

      2.I have applied for crsc

      3. I had a I get va only.

      4. I was getting 1818.00.defad
    6. Dwizzle2005
      I am a dual status technician with the Cal National Guard. . I fell off a truck on to gravel jarring my lower extremities while deployed. I have a VA rating of 50% for Depression, Lumbar, And knees. CARNG decision NLOD not due to own misconduct. Back and forth 2yrs with state and they discharge me in 2 days, No notice
    7. B. CARRELL
      B. CARRELL
      I am new to this forum. I just received my PEB and VA rating. PEB 20%, VA 80%. I have 12 YRS AD and 13 NG. I am currently an AGR E7. I am going to be MED separated with severance pay or can wave it for VA benefits. My question is how can I try to get a higher rate than 20% from military. The unfit condition is DDD lumbar spine. VA rated at 20%.
    8. Ramadi2004
      I have a question. I am being sent to the MEB/PEB. I have an LOD for Depression while in Iraq. Will the LOD help my case
    9. Aircombatcom355
      I couldn't fit everything. What do you recommend I do? Do you think they will return me to duty for these 3 issues?
    10. Aircombatcom355
      I'm in the Air Force and my PCM is starting my IRILO on 19 Sept. Although I have many conditions my PCM is only including PSA I'm using Methotrexate, Asthma and I am on a daily inhaler, and sleep apnia. PCM wont include my Psoriasis, GERD, IBS, Migraines, multiple joint issues with surgeries, tinnitus, broken bone in foot, and pes planis. I think the migraines and psoriasis should be included. Also have MDD and PTSD
    11. TN sniper68
      TN sniper68
      So I have 11 years 10 months in RA completed meb/peb and was found unfit 20%disability total and 100%from va leave was starting 15th and October 30th last day in army well I got a dui last week off post command found out this week and today was counseled by CO that she would seek ucmj and chapter type unknown not much details i need help
    12. jlm0305
      Hello Mr. Parker,
      I have been found unfit by the PEB, and am waiting on my ratings right now. My unit is forcing me to do a height/weight and I fear that they will try and chapter me if I fail. I really don't want to deal with the headache. Can they do this?
    13. Chris Meserve
      Chris Meserve
      Sir, after doing a lot of perusing on the internet regarding my IDES, MEB, PEB, VARR process... your posts and comments to congress couldn't have been more perfectly written for what has just happened to me a the conclusion of a 26 year career. To prevent me from bloviating on this forum, I would really appreciate your help.
      1. Chris Meserve
        Chris Meserve
        Enlisted for 15 years, and as a previous company commander, I had to sit idly by and watch substandard Soldiers "malinger" on a daily basis, with a long term plan to abuse our MEB system. To my absolute dismay, many of them were successful. On the other hand, those of us who have endured serious injuries AND 'Soldiered On' are being given "Low Ball Ratings"
        Aug 8, 2016
      2. JPBry
        Sir, how are you sure they were malingering a daily basis?
        Aug 18, 2016
    14. Hunter Culbertson
      Hunter Culbertson
      Hello Mr. Parker. Cory McDonald whom you helped with his military issues expressed his recommendation that I send you a post for your help. I was a human research volunteer in the U.S. Navy. My ethical rights of a human test subject was violated set forth by the 21 CFR 50. I need advice.
    15. escobarj7
      Mr. Parker, I was honorably discharged from the Air Force in 2005 only a few months after I returned from Iraq in 2004. I am now 90% service connected by the VA. Do you think that I have a good case to file for medical retirement?
    16. jlburns
      Mr. Parker,
      I have been on Humira for the last 9 months to treat Crohn's. After I signed my MEB paperwork and I started studying VASRD codes, I realized that I should have been looked at for another condition. My GI doc had documented this condition. Will the VA see this condition or will I have to appeal it? Does Humira factor into the VA's calculation? Thank you for your assistance.
    17. wolford2014
      I need some my husbands med board was processed he was out on term leave. During his leave he was brought back in for a chapter for miscondt . they have started a chapter sep against him. Well now it isn't going to go through because of time his ETS is in the mid of May. what were trying to figure out is since they cannot chapter him wouldn't he still be get medical sep and not a general ETS.
      1. FatHawkDown
        What was the alleged misconduct?
        May 3, 2016
    18. paulaf73
      MaParker, you've helped me alot on the site your knowledge and input. I have a few questions regarding Humira/Psoriasis. I'm retiring (normal) 1 Sep, just went through the contact VA med appt., I started Humira in Oct 15. Will I get 30% or 60%? They rated the area affected at 20%, which I think is incorrect but I'll clear that up tomorrow at the VA.
    19. Firefighter_142
      Maparker, Can you give me any insight on where I'm at in the PEB process, My peblo said I was at the Pre-VA QA part where they make sure everythings correct before sending it back to the VA or to my Peblo to find me fit/unfit, with that being said how soon will I know an answer? I also have so further questions regarding my process if you could possibly start a convo with me, Thanks in advance.
    20. geo8251
      MaParker, Just began the PEB process at 18 yrs 7 months. Primary reason is Spondyloarthropathy. For someone that wants to continue to retirement, should I wait for the results to submit statement that Anthrax vaccines may be directly related to this condition. Currently on Humira and MTX and I can no longer fly. I appreciate any assistance.
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