Assistance needed: rated at C&P and at surprise MEB for ROM Thoracicolumbar

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    I got a surprise MEB and chose LDES because I had already done my C&P exam. I had an ill-performed ROM test performed by the VA doc. She was less than stellar and made snippy comments about how I was "claiming so many things" and that "the regional is overly generous in her opinion"... anyways... this was for my C&P because I applied for BDD as I thought I was just separating. 3 weeks later I get hit for a MEB. Chose LDES. I had to have a ROM performed by the Physical Therapy doctor on base for my unfitting condition.

    I do not know what my ROM was for the VA C&P exam but I do know what they were on base. They may be similar but I am certain they wont be identical:

    on base I got 30 degrees of forward flexion and 10 degrees rearward. 25 degrees both ways for twisting and 28 degrees for bending side to side.

    Just going off of this measurement and the VASRD I would qualify for 40% "30 degrees or less flexion"

    Is there any way to review my C&P results for the ROM test? What do I do if there is a difference? Can I petition the VA to adopt the DOD's findings since the doctor is an actual physical therapy doctor and that when two tests show a varying degree of difference you can have the one that was performed by the most qualified person be the primary test (run on sentence I apologize)...

    I am just trying to dot my "I"s and cross my "t"s so I can be prepared for the fuckery heading my way.

    Thank you.
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    You can review your results for the C&P exam, the DoD must use the ratings from the VA.
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    I agree with @gsfowler. Your C&P exams are used to establish the rating, then the DoD must use that rating.

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