Depressive Disorder related to medical Condition(Chronic Pain) 10% or 30%?

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    In my Exam notes it has an X on:

    Occupational and social impairment due to mild or transient symptoms
    which decrease work efficiency and ability to perform occupational
    tasks only during periods of significant stress, or; symptoms controlled
    by continuous medication....

    Which I understand to be rated at 10%.

    What I don't understand is that in the exam notes it also has:
    [X] Depressed Mood
    [X] Anxiety
    [X] Suspiciousness
    [X] Chronic Sleep Disorder
    [X] Mild Memory Loss, such as forgetting names, directions, or recent events
    [X] Disturbances of motivation and mood
    [X] Difficulty in adapting to stressful circumstances, including work or a worklike setting

    And this is what it says for the rating of 30%

    Occupational and social impairment with occasional decrease in work
    efficiency and intermittent periods of inability to perform occupational
    tasks (although generally functioning satisfactorily, with routine
    behavior, self-care, and conversation normal), due to such symptoms
    as: depressed mood, anxiety, suspiciousness, panic attacks (weekly or
    less often), chronic sleep impairment, mild memory loss (such as
    forgetting names, directions, recent events)...

    Which has every symptom I have except for panic attacks. Any explanation as to why they have the 10% one checked and not the 30% one?

    Thanks in Advance!!

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