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    HELP!! ETS or fight for MEB

    Current issues: Lower back pain, mild sleep apnea, and I go to behavioral health. I have been in 7 1/2 yrs 1 deployment 3 duty stations I have been fighting about my lower back now since 2016. At first it was the normal back pain like a pulled muscle or something. Gradually it continue...
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    Medically retired date will be March 26th . Any ideas of when i can expect my final pay from the army and sold leave days?
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    ETS Before MEB Completed

    I received my Cfile and saw that my ortho doctor made this note on Feb. 9, 1990: "MEB done, see accompanying SF600." There is also a note on DA Form 5008 from the same ortho doctor dated March 1, 1990 stating, "Call in regards to MEB paperwork." I also have a letter from my OBGYN Dr. dated March...
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    MEBs 2 months before ETS?...

    Hi Everyone, I'm just trying to get some information for my own understanding. I'm not quite sure how to work this forum and start a new thread, so I hope I'm doing this right. My husband's ETS date is in the beginning of May of this year. There is talk of his PCM possibly getting the MEB...
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