Air Force BCMR


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They have not updated or posted their cases on the with any consistency or completeness.

I really think they should post ALL of their decisions and I can attest they have not posted my favorable 70% PDRL decision from 2014 which turned on an initial 10% w/ severance medical discharge.

I filed another application in January 2017, a very simple one that could probably be administratively corrected, and they have not acknowledged receiving it or assigning me a docket number to date.

I am floored that the American public or Congress has not been able to put pressure on the Air Force to run this process better and with more transparency and accountability.

Has anyone else noticed this?


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EPS17, Hi, thank you for your post. Did you apply to the BCMR or PDBR? I heard hear you can apply for a review of you DoD medboard with either, but that the BCMR was better cause they could review all conditions? Do you remember what form number you used (DD 294?). Thank you


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I did not go through the PDBR as there is a very strict eligibility window for the PDBR and my MEB did not fall into it.


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To be eligible for PDBR review, a Veteran must have been medically separated between September 11, 2001 and December 31, 2009 with a combined disability rating of 20 percent or less, and not have been found eligible for retirement.


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Here is from a Yale Law document on a discharge upgrade (NOT SPECIFIC TO MED BOARD PERCENTAGE UPGRADE), do these deadlines apply to having you medical separation upgraded too?:

Avenues for Relief in Discharge Upgrade Cases
Statute of LimitationsDischarge Review Boards (DRBs)-15 yearsBegins at the date of discharge.
Boards for Correction of Military Records (BCMRs) 3 years, waivable Begins at the date of discovery of error or injustice.
Appeals to Federal Courts-6 years, Begins at the date of DRB or BCMR decision.
Court of Federal Claims-6 years Begins at the date of discharge.



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I read that document from Yale Law. That pertains to appealing to have your records corrected. It states that this board cannot change from discharged to retired. They don’t have that authority. But I’m no lawyer so I don’t know for certain.
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