Back Pay Eligible?


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I retired January 30th with 40% DoD and 80% proposed from the VA. The VA finally approved my ratings and sent the notification out yesterday. However I am a little confused. In speaking with the VA today they said my ‘pay’ (unsure if they mean backpay or monthly pay) would be held possibly for months so they could deconflict with DFAS regarding my retirement. The guy couldn’t give me any more information and I get that because I was retired the VA and DFAS are going to need to communicate but does this mean no back pay until that’s done or no pay at all? Furthermore should I expect backpay or does that not happen because of my retirement? I got nothing in February and a retirement check first of March. This is all just very confusing.


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If your retired on January 30th; you are eligible for VA pay in February but will not see that check until March+. If you are a 20+ year retiree DFAS will examine what you have been paid vice what you should have been paid.


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Re: " I got nothing in February and a retirement check first of March."

I agree with chaplaincharlie.

VA Compensation and DFAS retired pay are disbursed after they accrue. A payment received on 1 March 2018 would have been for the period 1-28 February 2018.

Your VA award/decision letter you received in the mail should address any retroactive VA comp that might be paid. Within the letter, usually on page one, will be info such as effective date; rate; amount paid; amount withheld. For military retirees, the amounts withheld x number of months involved for each line is the potential VA retro.

Retro VA compensation for retirees usually requires an audit by DFAS to ensure that both the VA and DFAS are making the correct payments. I have experienced that reconciliation several times.
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