BCNR timeline after docket number received


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I wish I had taken Jason’s advice and gone to the Federal court after initial denial. I wasted more than 2.5 years on the ABCMR appeal.

I believe the chances of success at the ABCMR on anything except actual paperwork correction or well documented missing awards is remote.
Ya I was told the same thing but haven't gotten my first opinion or any correspondence at all. So you received your first AO at 21 months and the second AO and denial at 27 months?


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Timeline ABCMR
  1. Initial Application: Aug 2012
  2. Board Date: Jan 2015
  3. Decision Received: Feb 2015
  4. Appeal Submitted: Jan 2016
  5. Medical Advisory Opinion (AO) Received: Oct 2017
  6. Comments to AO Submitted: Nov 2017
  7. Board Date: Dec 2019
  8. Decision Received: Apr 2018
Total Time Wasted on Fraudulent, Corrupt, Anti-Veteran System (ABCMR): 68 Months or 5.67 years

The most egregious single event was the medical advisory opinion rendered by the chief medical officer. He didn't know shit from Shinola. shinola.jpe
That did not deter him from making things up on the fly and presenting them as facts.

I will now enter the crowded calendar of the Federal Court System and hope I have enough years left to see justice.
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