Current Navy Timeline

Currently waiting on findings from PEB.
07AUG17 MEB paperwork submitted
22AUG17 PEBLO Meeting
23OCT17 MSC Appt
02NOV-07DEC C&P Exams
20DEC17 NASUM Signed
12JAN18 Checked Ebenefits - Pending Decision Approval
09FEB18 Checked Ebenefits - Gathering evidence, One historical case
12FEB18 Emailed PEBLO for status update, she quite irritatedly told me to be patient.
14MAR18 NOTHING NEW!!! (I'm not patient at all.)

Is it normal to wait this long for PEB findings since the VA supposedly sent the PEB their own findings on the 2nd of Feb? This is driving me nuts, driving my command nuts, which in turn, is driving me even more nuts!!!!
emstevens93, what number did you call at the PEB? Our timeline match exactly.
I called the number in 138MISFIT's timeline. The one ending in 6419. The guy was really nice, told me he couldn't tell me the findings but he could tell me where they were, and that they were headed to my PEBLO yesterday.

On a side note, I was UNFIT, 20% DoD, 100% VA. Was going to fight for that extra 10% for the DoD retirement, but decided against it since I got a job offer with better healthcare and amazing benefits overall and staying in the Navy waiting on the FPEB would make me lose that job.
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