Denied SSDI because i'm on AD still.


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That's great news! I was coming to let you know that I too went through the same round and round. I was denied initially at the admin stage due to still being paid while AD. They stated I made too much. I was told by the WW coordinator afterward that I should have marked my pay as "compassion pay". Then for my reconsideration I got a lawyer.

She got me the form you talked about and my command filled it out. The local office then lost my file. Lost it. It was a paper file. The whole reconsideration packet. That got fixed after months but Denied again due to finances. So my lawyer had a long talk and onto the next reconsideration.

Finally it went to medical. This time I was denied at the medical level. So ALJ hearing we went. I was discharged and moved back home. 8 months later I had my hearing Jan 2nd 2018. Feb 1st he made a decision and I was found fully favorable backdating to 2014. So don't give up!!! It can be a long process. Hopefully you hear good news soon!
Please send to me as well? I have been fighting with my local SSA office since last year over SSDI. I am still AD and denied the first time because I made too much. I appealed for reconsideration. I was denied that time because I was performing substantial gainful activity (I show up to work at sit behind me desk, miss a lot of work, etc) but based on me being on AD and making too much, I can't get past the initial qualification. Thank you.
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