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In addition to these records, if you can, get signed testimonies from witnesses about your condition and how it impacted your military career. The most powerful witnesses of this sort are commanding officers. Your commanding officer normally submits a statement at the start of the DoD Disability Process about how your conditions affect your ability to do your job. If you have this, definitely include it. We’ve seen letters from commanders play an important role in Rating Authorities’ decision. Testimonies from other people, like fellow service members and family members, can also be submitted, but are much less powerful.


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What i can see on this case was this injury was duty related, but nothing is impossible. Like @Kizersoze said make sure u know why this impact ur military career make sure u have statements from people. Evidence is the key


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Just figured I'd update...

I did submit the termination we expected it was denied. One scribbled sentence by a "J.D. Reeser" who I have searched the internet to no end and cannot find. Shouldn' t the President of the PEB have a bio somewhere??? Kind of strange.

I had a formal board hearing at which my counsel did do a good job of getting all my other conditions "on the record" through my sworn testimony, however I am not hopeful at this point. The counsel believes there are many medical and procedural mistakes that have been made and promises to work to bring those to light. At this point, the more information I learn, the more questions I have and there doesn't seem to be any standard for the Marine Corps. It is a truly screwed up and not integrated system.

Geographically, it is obvious that I have been put at a huge disadvantage regarding medical care, legal counsel early on and PEBLO guidance as I am not in CONUS.

I read the SECNAVIST until I am blue in the face, yet there doesn't seem to be detail in anything. For example, it discusses the 3 reasons for appeal- one being a legal mistake but I can't find one example of what that means. It seems the rules are smoke and mirrors- all documented but yet still confusing and vague enough to not allow you to fully understand.

Since then I have undergone a sleep study related to my TMJ and am pretty certain I will be diagnosed with sleep apnea. I realize the military doesn't care about sleep and that is not the point I make here. BUT, I'm realizing I am scratching the tip of the ice berg about some of these conditions that I have 1. not been treated for despite asking and 2. need further medical intervention b/c the answers I am getting from the military doctors are frankly often WRONG.

It's all pretty unbelievable. I WANT to know my rights, to be educated, etc. but unless I am willing to pay for private counsel, it seems I won't be successful. I have learned alot along with my wife who reads, researches, reaches out to counsel willing to provide pro bono advice, and it is still not enough. This seems the OPPOSITE of what should be happening.

I wish I knew what to do next, how to advocate, but for now I keep reading- keep sending emails- keep reaching out- keep fighting for medical care and diagnosis- keep hoping someone reasonable will have this come across their desk.


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I would recommend reaching out to the NVLSP Lawyers Serving Warriors program. I started working with them immediately after your January post. They are a 100% legitimite non profit organization. I live in the DC area and did some research before granting them access to all of my records.

They are an amazing resource that you should contact immediately! Go to their website now.

I think you can still submit a BCNR to get it rectified after the fact. They can help with that.
Thank you so much, I have reached out to them. This has become an even bigger mess at this point. I especially do not appreciate the PEB President's language in his explanation which basically accuses me of working the system. I am 25 with a host of medical problems I definitely did not have when entering the Marine Corps. I have been denied access to medical care as well as legal counsel and was almost killed getting wisdom teeth removed in a military facility. I don't want anything more than what is fair after giving them the best physically that I had for 6 years. Very disheartening.
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