found fit for duty - now contesting - help?


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wanted to post another update: we tried for the past few days to just rest and not fret over every thing, so this weekend was nice as well as this past monday being a holiday. the lawyer called us today three times to let us know she was, yet again, running behind and would get back to us when she could. we have two days to get this stuff submitted to request a FPEB and she finally called us at the end of the evening. she spent an hour on the phone with us and didn't let my husband get a word in edgewise. at the very end, he told her he had some questions for her and she let him know that she had 12 people waiting at her home for her, and that she was already an hour and a half late getting out the door. the template that my husband needs to give to his command so they can amend their statement will not be sent to him until thursday evening around 6-7pm she said. we have to submit every thing by friday morning at 0900.

to say this has been one of the most trying times in our life and marriage would be an absolute understatement.

my husband's command is working on a new statement for him and he received a letter from his neurologist stating that he disagrees with the finding of fit. he also has three statements from people at his command [co-workers/shipmates] and i also composed a statement as well. we also have new medical 'evidence' to submit where he was taken to the hospital for losing his sight - i noticed that this was missing from his file of medical records submitted to the PEB for his first review.

i'm not sure he will get a FPEB, and the lawyer doesn't seem to care if i am being honest. i understand my husband is one of many to have to go through this, but we have been dealt quite the hand when it comes to things going against him, rather than for him. he loves his job. i see this and know this. but the added stressors of the military have truly effected his migraines and mental state these last few years - especially since this MEB process began. prayers are welcome. again, even if nobody reads this - i at least want to have a timeline of our situation laid out.


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new update:

husband submitted his request for a FPEB this morning at 0900. we finally got the paperwork we needed from the lawyer last night at 1930 - we weren't very happy about how down to the line we were with every thing. [can we request a new lawyer if this goes to an actual hearing? no way would we trust this with this lawyer]

things we submitted:

new statement from the command
statement from four co-workers
statement from me, his wife
statement from neurologist stating he politely disagrees with their finding of fit

if anyone could help me understand something, i would greatly appreciate it: if they do grant a FPEB, does that mean my husband has to go appear before the board? or do they sometimes just say you are still FIT and/or just reverse their decision and give ratings at that time? we are confused on that part.

thank you


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one of my biggest pet peeves is when i go to a thread to find updates on someone's situation and not finding them, so here is ours:

husband has been calling the PEBLO for two weeks with no response. he has been unable to just go in and show up because he and another SM are the only ones in the office this week. either way, i got a phone number to the medboards from the page here and he called - he was APPROVED for a FPEB, so he is happy about that.

the person he spoke with said that it's in the scheduling period at this time, and he should be hearing from his PEBLO within the next couple of weeks.

will keep this post updated as we hear more.
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