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After a few years of bouncing around from one specialist to another I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia on 17 April 2017. This is in addition to obstructive sleep apnea, chronic migraines, chronic PTSD, Complete hearing loss of left ear (IED/multi-surgeries) and anxiety. I had a CT scan last week and am was scheduled immediately with Brain Rehabilitation after my PCM received the results. I have an appointment today at 0900.

I was informed by my Rheumatologist 25 June 17 that he is recommending me for a MEB, which to be honest I agree with his decision. So to my inquiry to all the PEB/MEB/IDES gurus is how long before you are notified that your were actually submitted?

I haven't received an e-mail or notification from my PCM or the Medical Group and nothing in TricareOnline eludes to the fact I was put in for one, but two weeks ago my PCM asked me the status of the MEB. I told him all I know is the Rheumatologist said he was putting me for.

Should I contact my PCM to check the status or is there a quicker more efficient way to check? I already call the Office of Airman's Counsel and can't find the number for the PEBLO.

I am 15 yr/AD Air Force MSgt (E-7) with 5 deployments.

I have seen the numerous timeline threads and I gleam the fact the process is long, but 6 weeks just to get submitted seems excessive. I think I saw on the timeline it should be 10 days from the referral from the MTF until the PEBLO notifies you. I may be wrong though.

Sorry for the lengthy post.


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Usually, the first step for AF is to submit you to the DAWG. They will determine whether or not you merit a full MEB...which you do. That can take up to 2 weeks for the decision to come back. I would recommend asking your Rheumatologist if they submitted your information yet.


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I e-mailed my rheumatologist, who is Army, and he e-mailed me back this morning:

My note written on 07/25/2017 states, " Consider referral to MEB". You need to follow-up with your PCM and have them review my note and submit the referral. If I remember correctly your USAF and they have the PCM do the referral to MEB.

I sent my PCM an message on RelayHealth asking him if I was ever submitted and what the status was. Hopefully, I hear something back in the next few days. I am in a selectively manned unit and if I am going to be MEB'd they will need to start looking for my replacement ASAP.

Such a drawn out confusing process.


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So my case was sent to the DAWG on 26 October 17. I called my case manager who told me to call the PEBLO on 26-27 November to discuss the next step. I asked what the outcome of the DAWG was and she doesn;t know....So why would she have me call the PEBLO if it was a RTD. Also I was originally told I was submitted to the DAWG for Fibromyalgia, but was told it was for Chronic PTSD. This whole process is crazy.
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