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I think you’ll be okay. I started the MEB process on 22 March, and signed my 199 2 days ago. So a little over 60 days and I was done with MEB and PEB. 90% VA, 70% DoD, TDRL. Even had legal review it to make sure. I’m waiting on orders and I’m done. What holds you up is appeals. But I’ve seen in forums on FB it’s not adding that much time right now.
I hope you are right. i'm not greedy or feel obliged to fight the system for more money. I just want to turn the page on this chapter of my life and move onto something else.


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I got the highly anticipated phone call from QTC last night. I have three appointments set-up for 2 days: General Health, Audiology and Mental Health/TBI.

These appointments are mid-June. I'm hoping it goes smooth so I can be out by the end of the year, but I think that is overly optimistic.
When did you find out if they decided you were unfit? My Narsum goes to the local board Tuesday, my peblo said Wednesday morning I would know if a full MEB was happening or returned to duty.
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