Good article about Elite colleges and Veterans

Jason Perry

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May 15, 2007

"At a special presidential forum on Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will appear backtoback, take questions from military veterans and talk about how our country treats them.
Wick Sloane’s complaint probably won’t come up, but I wish it would.
Sloane teaches at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, and eight years ago, after discovering veterans among his students, he reached out to officials at his own alma maters, Williams College and Yale University, for any guidance they might have about working with this particular group.
“They were bewildered,” he told me, because they’d had so little contact with veterans.
He began collecting data, and for several years now, on Veterans Day, he has published an accounting of how many veterans, among a population of more than two million eligible for federal highereducation
benefits, wind up at America’s most elite colleges. It appears on the website Inside Higher Ed, and this is from the first paragraph of his November 2015 tally: “Yale, four; Harvard, unknown; Princeton,
one; Williams, one.” Harvard didn’t grant his request for information, he said.
The tally noted just two veterans among undergraduates at Duke, one at M.I.T., one at Pomona and zero at Carleton."....

Something to chew on....not sure if the problem is outreach or veterans not applying for what might be out there.