How to start MEB process??? (So lost)


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Years back I had an accident while on Active duty Army. My deltoid was ripped out of the arm along w/ the bone. 11 hour of surgery later along w/ a stainless steel bolt and washer the Army put me back together. Since then the arm has never been 100% right. I'm in the National Guard now days.

So after fighting the VA for ---years--- to determine while at times my arm burns (muscle ripping I think) and at other times I get sharp stabbing pains like hitting an electric fence, well.. the VA gave me an MRI and they came back and said that my I have a small tear on my right rotator cuff. Other doctor says the bolt in my arm is not flush w/ the bone and the nerve is impacting on it .. thus the sharp pain.

On top of that I have hip problems and foot problems.

No one seems to know how to kick off the MEB process in my unit. I've informed the command that I'm getting rather old and w/ my damage I intend to start the MEB process. They seems supportive and I've emailed them my VA medical records.

So how do I officially kick this process off? I'm sorry if this is posted somewhere. I just need some help.

Thanks in advance



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You need to get a temp profile as a starting point. I know for Army reserves there is a web site to print the documentation to have your Dr. fill out to forward up. I don't know how it works in the NG. After 6mon to a year on the temp profile it would kick a perm profile off. If they give you a P3 on the perm profile that starts the IDES process.


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for the profile in the NG you need a FCC 507 and my state also has its own profile request sheet to go with it. not sure about the request sheet for other states.


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I've been talking to my chain of command (1SG, CMDR, Platoon SGT, E-7 buddy) and I've sent them my VA medical records but I'm still waiting on word back. My unit is awesome but on the paperwork side it is.. "challenged".

@chaplaincharlie What is a PCM Sir?
I would not even begin to know how to start talking to a NG doctor. Right now I have:

Small right rotator cuff tear
Bolt impacting nerve
Hip damage (I've had X-rays but my next step is a MRI via the VA)
Foot damage (Plantar Fasciitis)

It is all documented in the VA but I'm just not sure how to get the paper ball rolling. I'm also talking to my unit about a perm profile.

Thank you all for the help.


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So doing the research, its the NG state surgeon that would sign off on the profile/start the IDES process. So every thing needs to be routed up to them.


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I managed to get all my military medical records in yesterday from a local post.

Next drill I'll be asking around. Thanks for the help guys.
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