I-RILO Timeline


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Hey folks,

My I-RILO package was received and began review at AFPC in August, and now, nearly 5 months later, it is still there. Getting very little contact from my case mgmt. team.

Anybody else waiting insanely long on their I-RILO right now?

Is there a published timeline for the I-RILO process itself?



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That sounds like something has been lost in the process. It shouldn't take that long. I would start with my PCM and try to track it down myself. Maybe some of the folks with more experience have an idea?


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Quick update. Finally received I-RILO determination, but only after calling everyone that I could think of and asking what the heck is going on with my package. It took a lot of head rattling, and I'm pretty sure it would not have gone through if I didn't start making calls nonstop over the past few weeks. Just some advice for anyone else that falls through the cracks at this phase.


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My suspicion is that a long RILO process is indicative of a full MEB being directed. I had several RILOs that went fast, then a slow one that resulted in a second MEB and eventual medical retirement. I was not surprised.
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