IPEB findings and general advice


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Hey guys, active duty guy here going through the IDES process. My MEB concluded 3 weeks ago and forwarded 5 conditions to the PEB for unfit fo duty. A short week after the MEB forwarded my file I received a memo from the IPEB stating that only 1 out of my 5 conditions was unfit for duty. I’m currently TDY and haven’t seen the memo or talked to my PEBLO yet but was wondering what my options are here. I feel as they’re cherry picking stuff to keep my DOD rating low. Being over 20 yrs of service I understand I get my 50% retirement regardless but was hopping to be above that threshold. This MEB proces was completely unexpected and fast and furious for me so I really need some help from the experts here with regards on how to play this game and not get beat. Thanks in advance all


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You can appeal to the FPEB. Check the resources section of the PEBFORUM for your service's guidance on conditions that merit non-retention.
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