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Jan 2, 2017
Hello PEBF family,

I stumbled upon this great website that has a plethora of knowledge and seems to be a lot of great people to help. I wanted to throw my situation out there and see if anyone has any advice.

I did 6 Yrs AD in Air Force , and did a palace front into the ANG. I have been a dual status Tech for last 9 years. I recently sought treatment for an injury i received during a deployment. This treatment was some strong anxiety and sleep meds. I reported to my on base clinic, the medication i was taking. This prompted my medical clinic to put me on a 469 "waiver".

The 469 restricted my access to flightline, handling weapons, operation of a GOV and my World Wide Mobility Status. My med clinic ordered me to provide them with doctors notes on my health. I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression. My clinic suggested i do a LOD. I have initiated a LOD through my med clinic; however it is still in the infancy stages.

The incident occurred during a deployment about 10 years ago while i was on Active Duty. My question is about the legality of LOD being that the injury "stressor" occurred before I joined the ANG. There were triggers that happened during my ANG Dual Status time that I included in my LOD statement. The JAG on my base was not willing to correspond with me when i tried to ask about how a LOD process works. Not only was he not willing to correspond in relation to my questions he kept cutting me off saying i may be incriminating myself.

Not only am I confused about the process I feel as though I have no advocate in this process. I come here to get advice on what people think i should do . I have never been the type to lawyer up, but I feel as though the legal office on my base is there to protect interests of the unit and government and not those of the military members that serve this country. And that is probably by design. However it still leaves me confused on best way to proceed.

I have just filed a claim with VA. And I did initiate a LOD. I'm concerned because they revoked my WWM status. I think the reg is 9 months on this 469 and it prompts a med board. This all started simply because i disclosed the medication i was on. I am in fear, because i have 3 kids and wife. I am the only income for my family. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.