LOD from Air National Guard now in the Army Guard--trying to get out!


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Oct 29, 2017
I have a p3 profile and am getting out on a medical. I have 4 LOD's. One of them was in the Air Guard. The LOD was fully developed and was marked complete to include a memo and investigation by the Air and Army Guard. I have a 20 year letter and 25 years of service.

Problem: My LOD keeps getting kicked back because my then commander forgot to have it signed by the wing commander. Therefore, it lacks the last signature. Again...the LOD is marked legit and the investigation recommends to honor the LOD, yet no one wants to sign the LOD. This has been going on now for three years! I can't start my med board until this is done. Help!

I called the state CSM today and he is supposed to call me back. The MO Air Guard CPT and the state Air Guard COL surgeon were unable to get the LOD signed as of today. Now what? I also have an ombudsman working on this and we are both disgusted with the whole thing!

I am currently Army Guard (did 4 years active duty Army) and was in the Air Guard for 8 years and was deployed twice with them.
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