looking for air force LAS form


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Hi there. Trying to find the air force LAS form for continuation on active duty. Cannot seem to find it. I know the form used to be AFI 1186, but that was discontinued.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Just noticed the orig date of request.... I can't find a blank one....I got mine from my PEBLO. In the meantime, if it'll help someone in the future, I'll keep looking.

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I am pretty sure I have one...I will look around, too. If I find it, I will post it.


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Thanks. I find it interesting how this was not available via a google search or e-publishing


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That 1186 looks the same as the one that I just submitted today, but there is a new copy out there that was just updated in Feb of 2015. The only place it's found is in the PEBLO guide, but that's only released to PEBLOs and somewhat difficult to get.

I had the letter for my wing cc written and ready for signature before I got the results of the IPEB back and I had my own letter ready to go. You will only get 10 calendar days from when the IPEB results come back to either agree and submit LAS or request a formal board (after which you can still apply to LAS if you want). Anyway, it's not a ton of time to get a wing cc to sign something. I also talked to someone that also got his functional manager at AFPC to write a letter supporting the case that he was desperately needed in the career field and that an ALC would have no impact on him being useful to the Air Force. I tried to do this all in the wing cc letter, (and mine, but I know they don't really care what I think).

Since apparently there have only been like 2 cases of LAS this year in the AF, I'm not holding my breath, but we'll see. Who knows, if mine works, it might give you more precedent to work with when it's your turn!

Good luck

Oh and neither PEBLO I've worked with had any idea about what to do with an LAS application, so I would suggest printing 36-3212, chap 6 and having it with you. And tell them the form you need to submit is in their PEBLO guide (but it's not labeled as a AF 1186, it's just page 75, 76 of the guide)


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Good luck, and thanks for the info. I might have to do the same, and will have to see if I can borrow a copy of your letter. I'm on wing staff here, so the boss said he would write whatever necessary and I guess my group/cc already talked with the functional. Should be another fun part of the process :)


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I was approved for LAS this past November (2016). According to the legal office at Randolph, it was the first in over 3 years. I am willing to answer any questions you may have on the process, but I'm probably the last person to talk to on it. I didn't get letters from my supervision at all. I wrote a letter explaining why I should be considered, and told my CC not to worry about it. I did talk to my AFSC Functional manager here on Lackland, and the AFSC functional manager on Randolph just to grease the wheels, but neither were ever consulted in the entire process. I don't know who they consult to determine manning and Air Force need, but it wasn't the folks managing my AFSC.
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