MEB just finished now what?


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My PCM said my MEB will be written by this Friday, its been going on for 6 months. I was just wondering what are the timelines and steps after my PCM finished. Is the longest part of the process the PCM or another step?


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If your PCM is just now finishing their part, your process has really just begun.

There are many more steps to hurry up and wait for ahead. Good luck and stay motivated.

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Darn so i shouldn't plan on being medically retired by September.
Don't plan on that...but if everything is fine with your MEB, you agree with it, and the IPEB acts quickly, it is not completely outside of a reasonable processing that you could be retired by September. It really depends on the facts and circumstances of your case and whether or not you appeal/rebut along the way.

I would not push for a quicker resolution over an accurate resolution of your case. Don't have enough information about your case to offer more on this point. Just point out that a correct decision is often better than a quicker decision. (This is not always true; sometimes, the member will get maximum compensation by leaving military service sooner even if the findings are not technically correct. As always, the facts and circumstances of each case are what drive the outcomes, including the best course in making case elections).

Best of luck!
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