Migraine MEB Possible Issues


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Oct 18, 2017
I have some questions with my debilitating migraines that I have been having 2-3 times a week. I am an activated reservist, on orders until march of 2019, I have been activated since sep of 2015. On my last deployment in 2014-2015, also which I was activated, I had two different concussions from two seperate static line jumps during jump training. I am in Naval Special Warfare, it is a community where you suck it up and avoiding medical is engrained in you. Needless to say, I sucked it up and avoided medical, so at the time it was not recorded in my record. After these two concussions, I have had migraines that have caused, sleep issues, which in turn causes memory and concentration issues. Until March of this year, I never seeked medical help:
1) because I have very flexible working hours with my current job. I work alone most of the time, when I have a migraine that causes
me to have to miss work, I can just stop what I am doing and complete it after I recover or I can cancel training sessions that I have
scheduled and re-schedule them. No one has had to know about my issues.
2) also because I was hoping that my migraines would go away over time, and I would be able to go back to NSW, something I
worked very hard to become and did not want to have to leave the community if I could get better.

After 2+ years of migraines, they have not gone away, they have gotten worse. I reached out to my primary care provider in March. They put me on medication that has yet to help/relieve the migraines, I was given an MRI w/ contrast that showed two legions (white matter spots) on my brain. My neurologist, that i was referred to, diagnosed me with intractable migraines caused by head trauma. He ordered another mri (to make sure the legions didn't grow) six months from my first one, which I completed last month. It was an MRI without contrast. The legions did not show up in this one. Not sure if that is important when this goes to MEB. I tried botox as well and am going in for my second treatment of botox soon. I doubt they will work due to my causation of migraines (head injury), the doctor administering the botox injections told me it was a small chance to help my situation due to the migraines not being caused by tension or pressure. If I don't get any relief after the second botox treatment, I am going to start going to the hospital and making it clear that I cannot function when I have a migraine, because I can't keep doing what I have been doing any longer, with no hope of it getting better.

When my MEB gets recommended by my Physician, do you think I will have issues with:
A) The head injuries not being recorded right after the incidents
B) My command not seeing first hand my issues interfering with my job performance
C) Me passing my initial physical on Sep 2015 to get activated on these orders, after my static line head injuries