My Navy Timeline


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Yeah, the PEB received my package from the VA on 2/12/18. I'm still waiting on the findings. I have no word on anything. Knowing that its at the last step is making me crazy anxious! I just want to know whats up! Anyway, hope all are doing well in your timelines!
How do you know when the PEB received the ratings back from the VA, did you call? I think my ratings will be done here shortly and sent back to the PEB.


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My PEBLO told me that the PEB received my package back from the VA on that date... But I got the call today. I have an appointment tomorrow. I also received my proposed VA rating in the mail. It was 80% but I have a few claims that I didn't add to the initial claim. Fingers crossed its good news tomorrow.


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27DEC17- Referred to med board.
28DEC17- Met with PEBLO and VA rep.
04JAN18- Phone conference with lawyer
18JAN-31JAN18- C&P exams
13FEB18- Signed NARSUM, command had everything already sent to PEBLO, and is now being sent off to MEB. Received copies of my C&P exams.
02MAR18- PCM submitted a second NARSUM, decided to rebuttal to have "lower chronic back pain" for diagnosis changed to include my 3 diagnoses added.
05MAR18- PCM sent back her reply to rebuttal. Submitted to PEB
06MAR18- PEB accepted package
15MAR18- Found UNFIT and package was sent to VA
28MAR18- Ebennies changes to Preperation for Decision
30MAR18- Ebennies changes to Pending Decision Approval, then goes historical!

Finally on that downward slope!
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