My Timeline


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After two Limited Duty Periods, This was an approximation of my timeline

VA Appointments- November 2017
Package Sent to MEB- Jan 20 2018
Package Sent to PEB - Feb 10 2018
Message on MOL stating PEB accepted package - Feb 15 2018 (really means nothing, just letting you know your package is moving)
Found Unfit - May 18 2018 ( found out my there was about a 2 month delay because of missing paperwork, so call the PEB periodically to make sure that they arnt sitting on anything)
Signed findings- May 18 2018
Va Outbrief - June 7 2018
As of today still no EAS, Found out my package was audited(HQMC picks 10% of packages to audit at random), so added a two week delay in getting a new EAS.

I ran into just about every bump in the road and everything took about 5 months, so things are moving pretty fast nowadays.


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I was initially told 6 months at the shortest for my MEB but it ended up being only 2 months and a couple weeks!
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