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Hello, this is my second MEB. Last year when I was up for one, 3 days I got the notification back to return to duty with restrictions and I’m still on a profile. This time, I am up for MEB for something completely different. I read the CC’s comments and signed my name for acknowledgment on 20 Feb 2018. I have not heard from anyone since my code status was changed to 37. Can someone explain to me what happens now? I don’t want be lost in the process and not know what’s going on with my case. Thank you all in advance


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The local MEB either determines a full med board or RTD. . . Shouldn't be long before you hear back from it. If you get the initiation of a full board you'll meet with your PEBLO and start the IDES process.


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You will meet with VA rep. At that time list all contentions. I suggest you look over all the VA DBQs. It is a good way to know what conditions the VA rates and to jog your memory as to contentions you should list.
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