NYT Article: A General’s New Mission: Leading a Charge Against PTSD

Jason Perry

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May 15, 2007

From the NY TIMES:

"A General’s New Mission: Leading a Charge Against PTSD
By DIONNE SEARCEY OCT. 7, 2016 STUTTGART, Germany — It might have been the 2,000 pound bomb that dropped near him in Afghanistan, killing several comrades. Or maybe it was the helicopter crash he managed to survive. It could have been the battlefield explosions that detonated all around him over eight combat tours. Whatever the cause, the symptoms were clear. Brig. Gen. Donald C. Bolduc suffered frequent headaches. He was moody. He could not sleep. He was out of sorts; even his balance was off. He realized it every time he walked down the street holding hands with his wife, Sharon, leaning into her just a little too close. Despite all the signs of posttraumatic stress disorder, it took 12 years from his first battlefield trauma for him to seek care. After all, he thought, he was a Green Beret in the Army’s Special Forces. He needed to be tough. General Bolduc learned that not only did he suffer from PTSD, but he also had a bulletsize spot on his brain, an injury probably dating to his helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2005. Now, after three years of treatment, General Bolduc is doing better. And, in his role as commander of American Special Operations Forces in Africa, he has become an evangelist for letting soldiers know that it is all right to get help for brain injuries and mental health problems.....