Pdbr timeline.

Mine has been pending for this long as well. I was also in the Air Force. My case was opened in Aug of 15, and they said they were pending the DDA Approval a year ago! The policy says the DDA has 45 days to sign and 10 days to notify the service member. We are well beyond that point! Hopefully everyone that is in the same boat will hear something soon.
I still have not received any more information on my case. My case was pending DDA Approval last November. Has anyone else with a summer 2015 PDBR received any information regarding their case?


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They still don’t have
My medical records. I emailed them
To Inquire and they suggested I send in a cd of my medical records
From the va. I have that and I also requested my records from dod and will send them in together. Has anyone else gone thru this?


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Hello, just want to leave my inf. to find out how long I have to wait and someone can give me an idea or more info.
The first time that I receive a letter from the PDBR was in February 2014. At that time I have no idea for what that was and I never replay in any form to the PDBR. For that time I was living in Puerto Rico and the next month I move out to the State, TX. A few month later I went to the DAV in Houston whit the latter to find more info about the PDBR but in the DAV they have no idea what was that and they told me to not submit the application because that can change or can make changes on my VA compensation. Then, I don't remember it was the same year or in 2015 that I receive another letter from the PDBR but this time have a little more info and explain that this process does not interfere whit my VA compensation and in that moment I fill the paperwork for the PDBR.

In June 2017 I receive a letter from the SAF/MRBR (PDBR Intake Unit) to let me know that they receive the Application for the Review by the PDBR and your Application has been digitized and entered into our tracking system and has been assigned Docket #.

In October 2017 I receive a letter from the SAF/MRBR (PDBRIntake Unit) to let me know, This is in regard to your application to the PDBR requestion review of the assigned accompany you medical separation, Docket #, Accordingly, your application from the military department and the Department of Veterans Affairs is complete. Accordingly, your application has been transferred to the PDBR for adjudication, leading to a recommendation to the service Designated Decision Authority (DDA). You will be notified in writing when the DDA make a decision on the recommendation of the PDBR. This decision of the DDA is final and non-appealable and subsequent request for consideration must be submitted to the appropriate court of federal appeals. Rest assured your application will be processed as expeditiously as possible and will receive full fair consideration.



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I received my PDBR in March 2017. I filled out and returned the paperwork which was received on March 31, 2017. I received a follow up letter dated September 7, 2017 saying my packet was digitized and entered into the system. How long does it take to get records from VA and the Army? I am seeing between 6 to 8 months for this aspect of the process. Is that timeline correct?


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Your case has been boarded and is under final PDBR review. Once complete the Service will review and make final action. Cases in this phase can take up to 90 days.


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same here, filed in Feb 2017 and they are still "gathering medical records from Army and VA"...........just waiting for the email updating me that my medical records have been lost
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