Pending decision approval


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Ok my percentage went up to 80% but it still days 4 other claims are pending. So will I get back pay for that AND for the 4 other claims whenever they come through?
Yes, the if the VA grants your claim, you will receive back pay from the day your claim was initiated/filed.


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I am at 80% currently but just added a few items and requested an increase on one. Mine is at Pending approval stage but when I try to go to VA letters, my original 80% letter isn't printing. It shows I have no disabilities, which is false. Their ebenefits site is messed up. Btw, on my original claim I knew my rating before I got the letter, it was on the VA site.


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Lurked on the site during my initial claims process, just wanted to give some hope, took about 45 days from start to finish. went from PDA to having my rate, checked in when I woke up, few hours later my rating was there. GTA...


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Mine has been on prep for decision for 3 days. The C&P Dr. Even said I couldn't work, and noted it on the file.

Started 11/27/2017
C&P Exams 2/19/18 & 2/26/18
Gathering of Evidence 2/26- 3/12
Prep for Decision 3/12 to present.


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I been out since 2013 got my decision Start Feb and got my rating in July. got a rate of 90% but a review was set for 2018 for ptsd which was 50%. I had my C&P for that March 23rd.
Preparation for Decision a few days after. Just today April 17th got
Pending Decision Approval. My doc even agreed it got worse. whats odds of me getting 100%?


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based on the limited information you provided.......I doubt it would be lowered, and an increase is possible

crazy how much the amount jumps from 90 to 100, i've never really understood that


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Well right now my totals come out to 89% So yes it takes alot to get 100% even if my PTSD increase from 50 to 70 still wont be 100%. I still have my increase for my knee in the works since it was 10% back in 2013 but it has gotten worse. WHen i got my C&P exam for PTSD review she put that it has progressed.


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one thing you an do to check on it is to get a rep for the increase process. they can actually look at whats on the C&P.

I am currently waiting for them to finish up my increase request for mental health stuff. I had the VFW rep look at my C&P, and he said that it would be highly likely that I get an increase based on what was in the exam and the fact that I am currently 60%

This is all VA stuff though not applicable to the PDBR
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