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Hello, I am new to the forum. Long story short I am Air National Guard (22 years and civil service technician) and started having problems sleeping and anxiety in late 2015. I started getting treatment at the VA and was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder in 2016. Then after several counseling sessions at the VA I was sent to a bigger VA hospital for a PTSD screening. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder/PTSD by a psychologist PhD at the VA. During the last 3 years I have been undergoing treatment at the VA (both counseling and classes) and I can only say great things about my Doctors and treatment there.

I filed a claim with the VA and was rated at 50% for my PTSD and 10% for tinnitus for a total of 60%. My command has been unsympathetic and at times down right mean. I have got an LOD for the PTSD, which went to a formal investigation (enduring freedom vet) To date my commander has sent the NARSUM for my medical records and also my mental health provider has sent a NARSUM also. From what I understand right now my PEBLO is waiting on the word back from the DAWG/Bureau ANG to either start an MEB or return to Duty. I have work restrictions on no more than 40 hours per week and no more than 8 hours per day, not to be around machinery or equipment (due to history of passing out) and not to leave duty station.

This has been nothing short of hell going down this road for the past 3 years. I would love advice on where this is going as far as an MEB or return to duty. How about any timeline for the future ? Any other advice or comments would be more than welcome. Thanks so much for your time I appreciate it.


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What is your technician status? Dual Status? If you are medically discharged and lose your position, then you would qualify for the special provision of the law and also get a Medical disability from the civil service. Try to stay in good graces with the dual status employer and if thing get to difficult request FMLA which will protect your job. You must stay employed to get the special provision of law for Dual status technicians. Good luck and educate yourself on both the military and technician rules.


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Padgettra said it perfect. Just remember if you need to use a sick day use it and use fmla if need be. The meb takes time and is a long process. Also use and save email traffic dealing with your meb. You having a LOD is a big plus. You will be fine. Don’t be afraid to fight anything that you feel may be unfair! You have the plenty of help here!


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Thanks Padgettra and Deno for the kind words of advice. Most of the time we feel a great sense of being alone during this journey and if we try to explain what going on to a civilian they don’t get it (heck, sometimes I don’t get it). It’s great being on here and getting advice from people who have been down this road. I promise I will return the favor to someone on here down the road. Thanks again.
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