Ratings In! Question about VARR on unfit condition.


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Hello all,

Thank you for this forum again and for everyone providing information for fellow veterans and soldiers in similar processes.

Today I received my ratings of DOD 80% VA 100% which I am truly happy about. However, my question is I do however disagree with one of the unfitting items which is for BH from the VA side point of view on occupational/ social impairment being mild. My QTC, in my opinion, was not captured fully of my history, treatment and on going issues. It appears the QTC failed to utilize my records or data and completed the DBQ without putting complete statements and discussions we had.

My Army Doctors disagree with including the lead BH doctor who completed my narsum disagree in the narsum with the DBQ as being mild which should have been more towards severe. I was wondering due to the reg on BH being set at 50% and the VA using the %50 rule should i request a VARR for increase if my medical records verbiage is more towards 70% or should i just submit my evidence via ebenefits for the TDRL re-evaluation later next year? I hope i explained this well enough if not please let me know i tend to go different directions when i write.


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At 80/100 you have maxed out your DoD/VA benefits unless you have a single illness that can be rated 100%. The only reason I can see to ask for a VARR is that your are TDRL.