Tricare Prime If Medical Retired

I was Active for a total of almost 8 years with a few deployments. I have been in the Guard since and all totaled at 16 years. I was recently PDRL Through PEB at 50% and it’s considered on my orders placed on the “The Retired Reserve”. But my question is, would I still be eligible for Tricare Prime? Tricare system isn’t considering it, as they considered me reserves not active and I would be only eligible for Tricare reserve select . I haven’t really dug into it much yet just wondering if others in this situation had same problem? Guard/Reserves medically retired over 30% using Tricare Prime or USFHP.....thanks


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Just got done with this, you will be eligible for Prime or Select depending on if there is a provider in the area. You will have to wait 24 hours after you submit your orders to DEERS to re enroll.
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